BTB Podcast Interview | 5 Tips for Writing Website Copy Quickly

February 7, 2020


The show notes for this podcast interview originally appeared over on the Brands that Book Podcast

Website copy. Ugh. I can see that *eye roll* through the computer screen, friend. I know you have big dreams in your heart for the people you want to serve this year, but getting those passions into words? Now that’s another story (that you’re probably not even sure how to tell, because… MORE WORDS).

Becoming confident with your message and owning YOUR story is one of the biggest pain points I hear industry friends and clients share when it comes to business and their website copy. Which is why I’m pumped to share a podcast interview I recently had with Davey Jones on the Brands that Book all about the 5 tips for writing website copy quickly.

This was my second time on the show, and let me just say, it was such an honor to hang out with Davey again, banter about Friends and Seinfeld, and share more of my heart behind how to effectively write your website copy!

Grab that cup of [iced] coffee and let’s hang out!

with Jess Jordana

One of the biggest pain points both Davey and I hear from SO many people when it comes to building their brand or rebranding altogether is how to write effective website copy?

Where do you even start?

I know how intimidating a blank Google Doc can be, trust me. Opening up that page and staring at a blinking cursor can make you shut your computer and walk away without even writing a word.

From my days as a high school English teacher where students either wrote from scratch or used only templates, I felt this need for something in between. Imagine: 50% Prompts + 50% Templates. And the same is true in the entrepreneurship world. One way I found worked to get all my ideas out of my head and onto paper was through creating The Promptlate Shop.

Davey and I dive into what’s inside the Promptlates and how, yes, YOU can write effective website copy without having to hire a fancy copywriter to do it for you!

Now, back to that eye roll. “But Jess, where do I even start?”
My answer: piece out the website copy process.

Start with your blank page or a Promptlate (if you have The Promptlate Shop) and create bullet points of the ideas you need to get out on that page. Don’t worry about having it perfect, just get out your thoughts and walk away.

After some time, come back to it. Take a look at the bullet points you previously wrote and ask yourself, “which of these phrases are the core pieces that everyone needs to see?”

Write those first.

And then, walk away again. (“If you don’t have the answer, why ya still standin’ here? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Just walk away.” Got it, Kelly Clarkson?)

Come back and fill in the final pieces to move your audience down the page and take action.

It’s the process itself that makes writing your website copy possible! You can totally do this!

“Don’t let the design dictate your copy.” – Davey Jones

Tune in using the media player above or head to the full show notes for this amazing episode where we talk more about the 5 tips for writing website copy, when you know you’ve written good copy, the importance of an about page, and all things brand voice. 

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6:22 – How to write effective website copy
6:32 – The Promptlate Shop—what they are and how to use them
8:47 – Where to start with copy and mistakes people make
11:47 – Why you shouldn’t write on the website platform
13:32 – The various approaches to take on writing each page
18:04 – How you know you’ve written good copy
22:46 – How to lead visitors across your website
25:00 – About Page: how it is similar to a sales page and mistakes people make
31:31 – Quick recap
38:20 – Tips for tackling brand voice and what it is 

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Brands that Book Episode 42: Moving Beyond a Client Profile
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