I once heard my favorite author, Shauna Niequist, ask the question: What’s saving your life right now?

On any given day as an entrepreneur, a LOT of things save my life; they save my sanity, my creativity, my client relationships, my productivity, and they sometimes even help me make sure I eat lunch.



This page is where I want to share ALL the helpful things with you, including:


My Fave Business Tools


My Free Resources


Obsession-Worthy Books

Tried and True Life Hacks

Some of these, of course, are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. But, as with everything else, I promise to be 100% transparent about any of these tools, and I only share what I’ve used and loved. So, thank you in advance for trusting me to share only the best tools!

My Fave Business Tools

What I (and my team!) use to run Jess, XO on the daily

Ready to FINALLY start building an email list? Don’t worry, you’re not too late. I recommend starting with a tool like Flodesk. It’s user friendly, ridiculously pretty, and even has templates to get you started.



This is an all-in-one tool we use to run The Promptlate® Shop, our evergreen webinars, and more robust email marketing. It’s kinda like a swiss army knife for marketing the passive income side of your business.



This tool is my personal choice for running live and evergreen webinars. We use it for The Promptlate Shop, and it integrates easily with Kartra, our course platform.



This is my CRM of choice. HoneyBook allows you to customize and streamline your client process from inquiry to send-off, creating a seamless experience for both you and the people you serve.



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Paige is my sweet mastermind sister, and she’s helped me with EVERYTHING legal in my business. Her contract bundles are QUEEN when it comes to make sure you’re covered from all angles of your business. Click below to grab a contract template from her shop!

The Legal Paige Shop

Shop the Contracts

Everyone has a favorite project management tool, and ClickUp is our choice for team Jess, XO! You can do just about everything you need on the free plan, especially when you’re just getting started with a project management tool.


Try Clickup FREE

I use Toggl to track more than just time. I take note of what projects I’m working on, and I go back to review how long projects are taking so I can bill more accurately and see where I need to manage my time and energy to be more productive. Plus, it’s always free!


Try Toggl for FREE

I use Later for social media planning—mostly Instagram. You can upload images, plan captions, and even save hashtag groups for easy access. I use the paid plan, which also allows you to pre-plan Instagram Stories and do multi-posts for your feed. I love it!


Try Later for FREE

I mean, if you’re a business owner and you don’t use GSuite for email, docs, file organization, etc… what are you even doing? It is super professional to have an email from your specific website domain. I also use GSuite to host two separate email addresses for the business—one for just me, and one for my support team.


Get GSuite for Business

A few years ago, I chose to get a business credit card to pay all my regular expenses (and pay off EVERY single month—no interest, plz!) so I could rack up points and get cash back to pay for things like travel and other biz expenses. I chose the Capital One Spark Business card, because the Farmgirl Flowers founder used it 😂 #goalz.

Capital One

Try Capital One

If you’re currently tracking your business expenses in a spreadsheet, do yourself a favor and GET IT TOGETHER. I’m telling you this out of love and a LOT of late nights spent going back through to categorize and reconcile expenses for the entire year.


Try QuickBooks

I’m not completely financially illiterate, so I never thought I’d need to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper. But, a year and a half of business later, bringing in over six figures with multiple streams of income, I was in over my head for filing our taxes and keeping everything in order. Stephanie’s team of accountants are true Godsends (and I’m not even an affiliate, just a happy client!).

Steadfast Bookkeeping

Check Out Steadfast

Tried and True Life Hacks

I'm all about uncomplicating just about everything—in life and biz

In a town where grocery stores are no fun (R.I.P. Living in Dallas), Instacart is TOTALLY life. Plus, they rack up how many hours you’ve saved, and it’s super gratifying!



I am ANTI-HYPE by nature, so I didn’t believe this planner would really make a difference for me. I. WAS. WRONG. It has kept me super focused, very productive, and has just enough space for me to ramble in the margins whenever I want.

Full Focus Planner


These meals are SO good, my doesn't-get-excited-about-food Hubby said, "Okay, we're never going back" when we started ordering these for our lunches. It's a luxury, for sure, but even if you want healthy, done-for-you meals during a busy season, I'd choose these!


Try factor meals

It’s really hard to find affordable, sustainable meat in our little tiny New Mexico town. ButcherBox delivers high quality, organic meat to your door, and it is DANG DELISH.


Try ButcherBox

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If I had to choose an iced coffee to take with me to a desert island, it would be Chameleon’s Vanilla Cold Brew. It doesn’t have any sugar, just the luxuriously smooth vanilla flavor juxtaposed with the punchy, flavorful cold brew. Toss a splash (or a GLUG) of half and half in there, and it is a total treat.

Chameleon Cold Brew


I tried Primally Pure a few years ago, and now I’ve grown to be completely obsessed with their serums and body butter. I also just love their mission, and the fact that they work so hard to educate their audience instead of just selling to them.

Primally Pure


If you’ve seen a picture of me on Instagram, I’m PROBABLY wearing Carly Jean. I discovered this brand almost two years ago, and their comfy-cute capsule style is a MUST for us work-from-home entrepreneurs.

Carly Jean Los Angeles


Apparently headbands are back, and I’m here for it. My head has always been too big for traditional headbands and handkerchiefs, but the Andi Tie Headbands are a big-head-girl’s stylin’ dream. Trust me.

Shop Andi Headbands

SHOP ANDI Headbands

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Tried and True Life Hacks

Some of these, of course, are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. But, as with everything else, I promise to be 100% transparent about any of these tools, and I only share what I’ve used and loved. So, thank you in advance for trusting me to share only the best tools!