LEARN How My Students Have Gone from Writer’s Block to Booked Out Using THESE Copy Conversion Tools

So, are you ready to stop letting this whole “words thing” keep you from the business of your dreams?

You’ll walk away with actionable tools that have helped our 4500+ students and clients (since 2018) turn their passion into words the right people ACTUALLY get, connecting + converting their way to their kinda success. (You know it… the type of success where you’re getting the clients, making the money, and doing the work you’re meant to do in the world!)

What piece of the process you’ve skipped, why it’s got you labeling yourself “bad writer,” and how adding it back in will get you the clients you crave

How you can uncover the brand voice you didn’t even know you had (this changes everything for my students!)

Why asking the wrong question might be keeping you from the exact right people who are *actually* ready to buy

In this 3-part video series, you’ll get the inside scoop on secrets like:


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Whether you know much about me or not, the important thing is that I’ve been where you are. I’ve delivered a message oozing with passion, only for it to feel like my mic was turned off. I’ve second-guessed the value of my own story, thinking it wasn’t cool enough to make any sorta splash. But through all of that failure + refinement, I’ve leaned into the art of mastering a message that makes moves for both myself and other amazing women in business.
With results under my belt for my own business like:

… I’m here to give you the EXACT tools that achieved these results for business owners who claim that writing was “totally not their thing,” either.

Making 6 figures from an "upsell" offer
(a.k.a. CASUAL, EXTRA 6 figs on top of the core offer sales? NBD.)

Getting 3 dream inquiries in just 30 minutes after a launch

Doubling passive revenue of a membership in just 3 weeks

6 figures of revenue attributed to a new sales page

Hitting the "six-figure" mark during my first full year in business (+ doubling revenue each year after that)

Sending out two emails for said-brand-new-product and raking in $4,000

Creating a brand new product on the market

Staying solidly booked for 6 months in advance for 3 years

Booking out my business in one week after “launching” to 458 followers with no website

hey, that's me!

And results we get to celebrate from amazing clients + students alike (4,500+ of them, to be exact):

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