In this noisy world, it’s your job to do a whole lot more than bring a transformational product or offer to the market.

You also have to:

• Cut through the hype and hustle of every other solution out there.
• Hone in on your distinct difference, even if it seems like everyone’s already doing it.
• Craft a plan that builds your audience’s awareness of their need.
• Get that transformation into the hands of the right people at the right time.

All of that means, you need to have a PLAN, and you need to put it in place well in advance so you can execute the COME UP just as flawlessly as the CART OPEN.

And, unfortunately, you’re so heart-deep in your product, you can’t even see it clearly.

Lorelei had it right, “I’m afraid once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron.”

Launch Copywriting

for Creatives

Listen Up: The Most Profitable Launches Connect Long Before They Convert.


our method

What's Included




And, I get it. You’re probably feelin’ a little like Phoebe Bouffay.

JESS, a PLAN?! I don’t even have a “PLA.”

In the meantime, your launch checklist is getting longer, your nightmares are intensifying, and you’re starting to wonder if you’ve spent, all this time creating an amazing product only for it to flop without meeting your goal.

Don’t let a last-minute launch and a lackluster message keep you from inspiring transformation in the ones who need you most.

With our connection approach to conversion copy, we’ll craft a launch funnel that has your clients + customers thanking you for taking their money, and becoming the best version of themselves, and a forever fan in the process.

Wait, is this juju magic?

Launch Copy Package

Lemme intro you real quick to the

A done-for-you launch funnel for proven products and offers that need a dialed in, automatic sales team. Just 4 weeks to NEXT LEVEL launch copy, and you don’t even have to write it. #mindBLOWN

Writing (Message-Matching, to be exact)

My team and I will get to work on crafting words (like, A LOT) for your sales page and launch email sequence. We’ll spend time taking our research from your audience and diving deep into the value of your product, and we’ll match those things up through story and a strategically stacked message. 

Basically, that means we’ll give them exactly what they need at each stage in the process to make the very next right decision for them, taking action (small, and eventually big!) toward buying into your product, because it’s exactly what they need.

Wanna know the greatest compliment I’ve ever received from a client? She said, “It’s like Jess reached inside my heart and pulled everything out that I couldn’t actually say—or maybe I just didn’t have the courage to.” 

We know you’re a total pro, and your product is proven from the lives changing and everyday transformations happening in front of your eyes. For launch copy, we dive deep with you, and with your past clients through testimonials, and various other methods of research. We’ll get to the heart of your true value, and harness the power that happens only when exactly who you are + what you provide meets exactly what your people need.

Pre-Launch Planning

We’ll get rid of your Phoebe-Bouffay-Syndrome by coming up with a pre-launch plan that preps your audience for your offer long before the cart opens. 

We’ll plan content that connects with what they need to hear, what they need help overcoming, and we’ll position your offer to be the next step in their journey toward exactly who they want to be. And, this is the last step, because backwards planning means ALL ROADS LEAD TO LAUNCH.

Research + Heart to Hearts




What if that dream copy was just ONE week away?

Meet our Express Experience

Ya know, the kind that showcases your unique value AND personality in a way that captures the right attention and actually serves your people by selling them into the thing that can get them the transformation they’re dreaming of and wishing for?


Even though you technically wish you had new copy like YESTERDAY, this timeline will definitely get close.


Sales Page in a Day

Starting at $3200

  • One entire day (6 hours, plus a kickoff call) devoted to sales page copy
  • 1 long-form sales page, researched and written
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Access to Past Client Only Offers and Perks

What you'll get:

Perfect for the business owner who knows the sales page is the center cog in the wheel of consistent product or program sales.
Who’s it for?


Sales Emails in a Day

Starting at $3200

  • One entire day (6 hours, plus a kickoff call) devoted to sales email copy
  • 7-9 emails infused with personality and crafted for conversion
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Access to Past Client Only Offers and Perks

What you'll get:

Perfect for the business owner who needs emails to send their leads to a sales page that is already converting well.

Who’s it for?

A Launch Copy Project with jess, xo is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve got a proven product/program that you want to scale
  • You’re relaunching a current offer
  • You’ve got a NEW launch for a NEW offer that’s an off-shoot of your proven offers


Launch Copy Express Experience

Starting at $6000

  • Offer-specific Brand Messaging Guide to establish the foundational message for your offer
  • 1 long-form sales page, researched and written
  • 7-9 emails infused with personality and crafted for conversion
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Access to Past Client Only Offers and Perks

What you'll get:

Perfect for the business owner who wants the core copy of a launch to align and convert.

Who’s it for?

Never Launch Alone


It might COST you. Because let’s be honest: You’re too close to your value, you’re too entrenched in your audience to separate out every piece of value and figure out where it fits in their journey.

Plus, it’s LITERALLY costing you time, money (time is money, right?), sanity.

It might even cost you a strategic launch, because phoning in your email sequence at the last second means you don’t have a launch runway, and your audience won’t be ready to hear what you’ve SLAVED OVER in every single email.

OUCH. I know. But, true.


I mean, you can go ahead and keep adding emails and 5,000+ word sales pages to your launch to-do list, but…

You can invest in an expert, and pass the torch to a word-slingin’-ninja or two.

Then, you can stay in your zone of genius and focus your energy on putting together a product that TOTALLY over delivers, so you can close out this launch, PROUD, serving hundreds, maybe thousands. Then, you’ll just put that on repeat for the long-haul.

Plus, think about your launch goals. What if you could increase by 50%? Or, even DOUBLE that? Basically, we’re GIVING YOU MONEY after you work with us.

What if you could increase by 50%? Or, even DOUBLE that? 

The Launch Copy Investment starts at $3200


Take me to the Website Copy!

This way to the blog!

 PLEASE take over my launch copy. 

 I need to get my website handled, first. 

I’m a beginner. Got anything fo’ FREE.99? 

Can we start… UM, NOW?

I get it, the best time to have your copy was like YESTERDAY, RIGHT? So, I’ll be real with ya: Our packages are nabbed up well in advance. We typically book out 2-3 months in advance! So, if you’re dreaming up a big launch in the next year or more, don’t hesitate to reach out… soon. I recommend at least a 4 week launch runway to do it right, which means our project’s gotta be signed, sealed, and delivered one month BEFORE cart open. The good news? Our project timeline is quick!

I’m a brand new business owner! Should I hire a copywriter for launch copy?

If you’re a brand new business owner, you might be surprised how much can change in that first year or two! I know it surprised me, that’s for sure. As a new business owner, I’d suggest DIYing first with something like The Promptlate® Shop (the Sales Page Promptlate® is perfect for this!). The best time to hire a pro-copywriter is with a proven offer and social proof in hand. But reach out and I'd be happy to chat!

I have a brand new product/offer! Should I hire a copywriter for launch copy?

Hiring a launch copywriter will intro your product or offer to the world with a splash. My one qualifying question would be—do you have social proof or results from an audience that aligns with this offer? We heavily research to make sure we’re message-matching instead of just throwing spaghetti at a wall, so knowing your audience from being in business for awhile (see above) is necessary to get the most out of this investment.

Do you only work with live launches? What about evergreen launches?

We love both! In fact, our live launch strategy can be shifted to work on evergreen with just a few tweaks (which we can talk you through!). Most of the marketing “greats” suggest live launching first, so you can tweak and perfect things before you put them on evergreen. And I'm totally on that train, in most cases!

Do you write single sales pages, one-off landing pages, and all that jazz?

Short answer? Yes to Sales Pages. No to any other single page. We put a lot of care and research into crafting a foundation for all of the words we wield, and that means package options are the most beneficial for new clients. Past clients? We'll do just about anything for you, so reach out and let us know what you need.

Do you edit existing copy?

Believe it or not, copyediting often takes more time than copywriting. If we don’t have control over the big ideas or direction of the message, it’s hard to truly turn it up a notch. We currently only offer Launch Copy edits to past Launch Copy clients.

How long does it take?

Full Launch Copy projects are done in a VIP Week (a.k.a. start Monday and end Friday). We can complete a Sales Page alone in a single VIP Day.

How far out from my launch do I need to book?

We typically advise our clients to plan at least a 4 week launch runway to prep their audience for the offer before the cart opens. That means, to accommodate a VIP Week timeline, I suggest starting our project together an ABSOLUTE minimum of 5 weeks before the cart opens! It's also a good idea to give a little bit of time for implementation once you have your copy in hand.

Do you do payment plans?

Totes! We provide payment plans anywhere from 3 to 4 payments. It’s just the first payment that is due upon contract signing to seal your spot on the calendar. The rest are paid out by the end of our project together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a retainer package?

At this time, we do not work on retainer simply because of the limited time we have available and amount of project inquiries we regularly receive. HOWEVER, we do have some SWEET perks for past clients, and we love (like really, are totally obsessed with it) when clients come back to us for multiple projects and follow-up work. The best way to get access to that is to book an initial project, and then we can go from there!

I’m relaunching a current offer — should I hire you for my Launch Copy?

UM, please do!!! Truthfully, with a proven offer and social proof in hand, you’re PRIMED to get the most out of a Launch Copy Project with our team. I’d love to hear more about how you’ve served people and how we can call in even more just like ‘em with the right message on lock!

What happens AFTER I launch?

Have I mentioned that we’re OBSESSED with past clients coming back to us? For that reason, we love offering a Launch Analysis + Adjustment option after we write your launch copy where we’ll go in and analyze what’s going on and make tweaks accordingly. Even a launch with an AMAZING conversion rate is really just cracking the surface of what you can do on the next launch with the right data.

Can you REALLY write all of that in just a week?

Short answer is, YEP! We take on a single client at a time for a focused intensive approach. We also vibe with goal-oriented business owners who plan their promos and big business moves with intention. That means they know who they are and the value they provide (even if they can’t see those common threads yet), and it also means they’re game for a quick turnaround not because they’re desperate, but because it’s part of the plan to get expert support.

Why invest with you instead of a copywriter with a smaller price tag?

Wellll, you’re still reading, aren’t ya? Ha, just kidding. But in all honesty, where some copywriters prioritize extensive processes with really long timelines, I’ve chosen to hone my skills in a way that gets you effective copy QUICK.

Is faster always better? No, definitely not. BUT what I do know is that a message, no matter how strategic, is NEVER going to matter until it hits real humans. And I know that the longer you wait for copy that connects and converts, the more business is walking in and OUT of your virtual door that you may not even be aware of.

And I quite firmly believe you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than you already have. Don’t you agree?

(We’re also the perfect fit for lunch. Chick Fil A, always. No, it’s my pleasure.)

The Launch Copy Package is perfect for you if you have a PROVEN product that’s already serving (or obviously will serve) your engaged audience. An engaged audience is different than a ginormous audience, and we know audience-size varies from expert to expert! It’s also perfect for you if you’re in the planning stages of your launch, and still have a chunk of time before the cart opens.

Wondering what qualifies as a proven product? Think: digital product, course, signature program, physical product, etc. that was generated from meeting audience needs. Bonus points if you’ve already started selling organically, or you’ve already been through one launch, and want to go at it again or turn it evergreen!

is this for me?

Still wondering if we’re the perfect fit for your launch? 

I just had my first ever 5-FIGURE month

Alexandria Hinders

After working with Jess, I just had my first ever 5-FIGURE month for my membership program. I saw almost a 50% increase in sign ups (and retention!) after putting my brand new sales funnel in place. I cannot thank Jess enough for the amazing words and strategy that made this possible.

Well Styled Essentials

 She has a true gift of bringing your mission, heartbeat, and story to life. 

Jennifer Edewaard

Working with Jess was a true blessing because she not only just gets the vision that you have but she believes in it with you. I highly recommend working with her as she has the passion to serve you and to dig deep into who you are and the message that the world needs to hear!

Imperfect Purpose

I could not ask for a better copywriter! 

Carolina Poli

I feel like my business has now a clear message that my potential clients can relate. Since launching my page I've got so many compliments and people were saying 'I feel exactly the way you described in your website'. And that's exactly what I aimed for when I started working with Jess. She was able to organize my thoughts and put them into the right words!

The Kale Club

Hey! If we haven’t met yet, this might be awkward, but… I’m probably your biggest fan.

I take a connection approach to conversion copy because I know there’s only ONE WAY to build your business for the long game—it’s gotta be human-to-human.

It’s this philosophy that’s helped my clients get wins like:

• 2Xing monthly revenue in her online membership
• A 357% revenue increase over the 30 days following her launch
• 3 high-ticket discovery calls booked, on launch day
• Feeling empowered to write a brand-voice-infused marketing email in less than 15 minutes using her brand messaging guide (the REAL DREAM, right?!)

And, while all of that deserves an iced coffee cheers, the thing that lights me up the most is seeing our female founders trade measuring up for owning their story—and choosing it FOR GOOD.

Are you ready to be next?

But, who’s that
iced-coffee-copywriter girl? 

it's jess!



Take me to the FREE stuff!

I’m in. I am ALL IN. 

I wish I could, but I don’t want to.

Are you ready, or what?


(Also, if you didn’t get a single one of those TV show quotes, I worry about our friendship potential.)