Your Copy’s Job is Simple:

• Capture the right person’s attention
• Connect with her, so she’ll stick around
• Convert her into a client, customer, and forever fan.
• All without sounding just. like. everyone. else.

Elle Woods Voice: What, like it’s hard?

I get it: you didn’t sign up to be Chief Everything Officer, but you’re finding yourself spinning #alltheplates and checking all content and platform and email marketing boxes, thinking…

OH, I’M SORRY. I didn’t realize I was talking to myself over here.

(And we’re all sounding more like our mothers every day.)

Lemme let you in on a little secret:
Carefully crafted copy can accomplish all of the above…
… and it can do it FAST—’cause it has to.

Website Copywriting


Let's find that ONLY YOU factor to cut through the noise and reach the right people on auto


our method

What's Included





Meet the better-than-Amazon package on your business doorstep.

The Website Copy Package
Pour out your heart, show us your genius, and we’ll translate your personality + value into a message that’s got your audience feelin’ like you’re the Rachel to their Ross.

(Without all that “we were on a break” mess.)

You Can Leave the Copy Crafting to Us

The Method

Brand Messaging Guide Magic

This “brand voice bible” (lovingly dubbed by our amazing clients) includes everything from a brand words index, to on-brand humor, to how to tell the old guy next to you at the grocery store what you do (or maybe just TOTALLY rock it at your next networking event).

Research + Heart to Hearts

Wanna know the greatest compliment I’ve ever received from a client? She said, “It’s like Jess reached inside my heart and pulled everything out that I couldn’t actually say—or maybe I just didn’t have the courage to.”

Web Copy in one Week? Challenge accepted.

Our signature framework allows the space to go deep and get things done, quick. ‘Cause, can we be real? You needed new words on your website, like… YESTERDAY. (#loveyoukthanksbye) You’ll have your personality-infused, value-driven copy STAT.

Connection + Consistency + Conversion




What if that dream copy was just ONE week away?

Meet our Website Copy Express Experience

Ya know, the kind that showcases your unique value AND personality in a way that captures the right attention and actually serves your people by selling them into the thing that can get them the transformation they’re dreaming of and wishing for?


Even though you technically wish you had new copy like YESTERDAY, this timeline will definitely get close.


Website Copy VIP Day

Starting at $3000

  • One entire day (6 hours, plus a kickoff call) devoted to your business copy
  • 2-3 website pages (sales page not included) of personality-infused conversion copy
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Access to Past Client Only Offers and Perks

What you'll get:

Perfect for the business owner who needs a heavy-hitting, couple-page glow up from filling space to words that actually WORK.

Who’s it for?



Starting at $6000

  • Strategic Brand Messaging Guide so you can have established style foundations to come back to time and again
  • 5 pages of personality-infused conversion copy (sales page not included)
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Access to Past Client Only Offers and Perks

What you'll get:

Perfect for the business owner going through a rebrand who needs the core pieces of copy to capture and sell in an aligned and consistent way.

Who’s it for?

A Website Copy Project with Jess, XO is perfect for you if:

  • You’re going through a rebranding process and you want your copy match your uplevel
  • You haven’t updated your copy in 2+ years
  • You’ve pieced together copy, and it’s not working together to move your biz forward

Upgrade Your Website Copy


Well, first of all… the only things setting you back are your website words. (Tough love, sista.)

It’s costing you…

• clients—the GOOD ONES.

• confidence—to show up consistently, and give the value only you can.

• clarity—in how exactly who you are meets exactly who they need.

So, you can keep it up with the hamster wheel, trying to figure out how all the pieces of you and your audience fit together (and wasting your time emailing inquiries to explain your services).

Alright, how much will this set me back?

The Website Copy Investment starts at $3000



Take me to The Promptlate Shop!

Alright, I needed this—like, YESTERDAY. 

 I think I need launch copy help, instead!

I’m down for these results, but I need a DIY option. 

How soon can we start?

I’ll be real with ya: Our packages are nabbed up well in advance. We’re typically booking out about 2-3 months in the future! So, if you’re ready to get your copy on lock, or you’re planning a rebrand or website revamp in the next 6-12 months, don’t wait to apply! Same goes for launch copy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you write single pages for websites?

If you're not in dire need of a full website rewrite and you just want some core pages taken care of, the best option for you might be our VIP Day! We can tackle 2-3 website pages (not including a sales page) in a single, power-packed day. I mean, if only one of your web pages was conversion-focused, what’s gonna happen when great leads land on your other pages? They’ll be dead in the water.

The only exception to the single page rule is for Sales Pages! If you’re looking to give your core pages a little uplevel, head to The Promptlate® Shop for our signature DIY copywriting solution.

Do you edit existing copy?

Believe it or not, copyediting for conversion often takes more time than copywriting. Our specialty is Connection-Led Conversion™ Messaging, and if we don't have control over the big ideas or direction of the message, it’s hard to truly turn that up a notch. If you have your heart set on a copyeditor, we do have a network of copywriters we can connect you with!

Can I see your past projects + work?

Sure! You can see a few snapshots by scrolling down on this page!

Do you work with businesses like mine?

Probably! Check out who we've worked with below.

If I don’t need that many pages, can I get a discount?

Sorry, Janet. Just kidding! We do charge per package because pages can range quite a bit in terms of words, amount of strategy work needed, research, etc. Ultimately, it all evens out, time-wise, whether we’re writing 4.5 pages or 5.

Should I invest in this if I’m brand new to business?

My answer might surprise you: No. A lot can change in year 1 and 2 of business. I’d hate for you to invest 4-figures in a pro-copywriter, only to find out you want to work with a completely different audience or change your offerings or business model, entirely. Many beginning business owners have had success with DIYing their copy with help from The Promptlate® Shop! This will help you understand your audience better so you can really speak to them with value—through social media, email marketing, in a conversation over coffee, and more.

My website is filled with copy. Isn’t that enough to get people to what I sell?

Website copy that fills space is different than website copy that fills pockets. At Jess, XO, we’ve studied human psychology, sales psychology, and website nerd-central kinda inside knowledge so we can craft a journey for your dream client that moves them to take action. If you feel like people are taking action, you never hear crickets, and all of your clients are picture-perfect… then, you’re probably good.

Will I really get an return on my investment? This kinda package is a big step!

Our clients typically see a return on their investment—a.k.a. They earn their money back—within 90 days of launching their website copy. Most clients get a bigger return. But, let me ask you: Do you feel confident in your message? Do you know how exactly who you are meets exactly what your people need? If the answer is “no,” you’re probably losing business you didn’t even know you could have in the first place.

Do you do payment plans?

Totes! We provide payment plans anywhere from 3 or 4 payments, depending on how far in advance you book your spot. It’s just the first payment that is due upon contract signing to seal your spot on the calendar. The rest are paid out by the end of our project together.

Do you offer a retainer package?

At this time, we do not work on retainer simply because of the limited time we have available and amount of project inquiries we regularly receive. HOWEVER, we do have some SWEET perks for past clients, and we love (like really, are totally obsessed with it) when clients come back to us for multiple projects and follow-up work. The best way to get access to that is to book an initial project, and then we can go from there!

Can you REALLY write all of that in just a week?

Short answer is, YEP! We take on a single client at a time for a focused intensive approach. We also vibe with goal-oriented business owners who plan their promos and big business moves with intention. That means they know who they are and the value they provide (even if they can’t see those common threads yet), and it also means they’re game for a quick turnaround not because they’re desperate, but because it’s part of the plan to get expert support.

Why invest with you instead of a copywriter with a smaller price tag?

Wellll, you’re still reading, aren’t ya? Ha, just kidding. But in all honesty, where some copywriters prioritize extensive processes with really long timelines, I’ve chosen to hone my skills in a way that gets you effective copy QUICK.

Is faster always better? No, definitely not. BUT what I do know is that a message, no matter how strategic, is NEVER going to matter until it hits real humans. And I know that the longer you wait for copy that connects and converts, the more business is walking in and OUT of your virtual door that you may not even be aware of.

And I quite firmly believe you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than you already have. Don’t you agree?

Jess is an absolute godsend.

Ashley Theis 

She listened to my story and what I wanted to achieve for my business and what she has written was far better than anything I could have come up with by myself. I can't thank her enough and am so excited about my new website copy.

The Constant Wayfarer

 She has a true gift of bringing your mission, heartbeat, and story to life. 

Jennifer Edewaard

Working with Jess was a true blessing because she not only just gets the vision that you have but she believes in it with you. I highly recommend working with her as she has the passion to serve you and to dig deep into who you are and the message that the world needs to hear!

Imperfect Purpose

I could not ask for a better copywriter! 

Carolina Poli

I feel like my business has now a clear message that my potential clients can relate. Since launching my page I've got so many compliments and people were saying 'I feel exactly the way you described in your website'. And that's exactly what I aimed for when I started working with Jess. She was able to organize my thoughts and put them into the right words!

The Kale Club

(Y’know, like those Lululemons when you first slide ‘em on?)

This is the perfect gig for you If you’re a seasoned business owner, jammin’ in your zone of genius, and drowning in testimonials + client love, but you’re not sure how to put your value into words.

You’re great at what you do, and you serve your people with heart, but you’re tired of feeling like the best kept secret, or getting clients that are just not quite the perfect fit.

This will work for you. Trust me, friend.

But, I won’t take it personally if you don’t trust me yet.

Take it from them, instead.

is this for me?

Still wondering if we're the perfect fit?

But, who’s that
iced-coffee-copywriter girl? 

Hey! If we haven’t met yet, this might be awkward, but… I’m probably your biggest fan.

I take a connection approach to conversion copy because I know there’s only ONE WAY to build your business for the long game—it’s gotta be human-to-human.

It’s this philosophy that’s helped my clients get wins like:

• 2Xing monthly revenue in her online membership
• A 357% revenue increase over the 30 days following her launch
• 3 high-ticket discovery calls booked, on launch day
• Feeling empowered to write a brand-voice-infused marketing email in less than 15 minutes using her brand messaging guide (the REAL DREAM, right?!)

And, while all of that deserves an iced coffee cheers, the thing that lights me up the most is seeing our female founders trade measuring up for owning their story—and choosing it FOR GOOD.

Are you ready to be next?

it's jess!



Take me to the FREE stuff!

I’m in. I am ALL IN. 

I wish I could, but I don’t want to.

Are you ready, or what?


(Also, if you didn’t get a single one of those TV show quotes, I worry about our friendship potential.)