So what's this all about?

• Why you don’t need to be a pro copywriter to have website words that connect with the right people and make a profit from your passion.

• ONE key lesson from failure that turned into building a six figure business in a year (with no email list and less than 1500 Instagram followers).

• That little thing your message is missing, and why nailing it down will be a total gamechanger for your business!

You’ll Uncover:

• Action steps to finally write copy you’re confident in!

• How you can put your value into words YOUR people get, connect with your audience, and get them to take action quickly…

PLUS, real case studies of business owners (like you!) who’ve done it, too!

Our next Masterclass is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th at 2pm EST. See ya there?!

Jess, here.

I'm armed with iced coffee on the daily and a heart for helping female-founded, passion-stoked businesses feel seen.

My mission is to help you trade measuring up for owning your story.

Only then can you sell without feeling like a slimeball and build your business to feel like an actual dream—instead of just the ghost of one.

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