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How to Write Copy for Any Page on Your Website


Nobody told you when you started your business, you’d not only have to be a crazy-awesome photographer, designer, wedding planner, course creator, coach, (insert the passion your business was built on here)...

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  The Secret to Website Copy that Connects— No Writing Genius Required. The 5 Part Framework to craft website words that actually do their job so you can get back to doing yours. (Ya know, the one you’re actually passionate about?) GRAB YOUR SEAT! Free Masterclass with copywriter + brand messaging strategist, Jess Jordana.    […]


It’s the very first solution of its kind to help you take #alltheideas inside your head and turn them into website copy that connects, converts, and doesn’t sound like literally everyone else’s.

Think your copy needs a makeover? Then, it probably does.

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