Case Study: How to Write Website Copy that Speaks Directly to your Audience

February 12, 2020


Part of the Copy that Connects Series
The Website Bundle Case Study—Becca Koebrick of
Becca Koebrick Design Studio

You put your heart and soul into your business, amiright? BUT, your website—the thing that’s supposed to sell what you have to offer this world and connect with your dreamy ideal clients—sounds just like *everyone else*. Or worse, your website copy sounds NOTHING like you.

I bet NOBODY told you when you started your business you needed to know how to do pretty much everything. From being your own accountant (ugh, math), Instagram model, tech guru, a crazy-awesome photographer, and—you guessed it—a COPYWRITER, you literally run the show. 

But the thing is: Copy can CHANGE THE GAME for your business.Think: More sales, better clients, forever-loyal fans.And getting back to doing more of what you love (which for most of you is NOT writing, I know!).

In a recent podcast interview with Davey Jones, we got to chat about one of the biggest pain points I hear from many of you in the industry: Becoming confident with your brand message and owning YOUR story.

And that my friends, is where the inspiration behind The Promptlate Shop was born. Think 50% prompts and 50% templates to help you become confident with your brand message and truly own your story through your website copy.

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Today I’m excited to share how the Website Bundle Promptlate helped Becca Koebrick of Becca Koebrick Design Studio go from feeling blah about her website copy to now receiving more compliments than ever about how clear her message has become.


 Headshot Credit: Nicole Determan Photography @nicoledetermanphoto

Headshot Credit: Nicole Determan Photography @nicoledetermanphoto


“My copy before was super basic and very boring. It didn’t speak to my audience, or frankly, even me! But after using the Website Bundle Promptlate, I feel so incredibly confident in my copy. I’ve had so many compliments from people saying my copy is clear, tells a great story, and speaks directly to my audience.” – Becca Koebrick

So how did Becca go from website copy that didn’t even sound like her to a brand message that now tells a story and resonates with her audience?

Well first, let’s take a look at where Becca started.

 Becca’s OLD About Page copy

Becca’s OLD About Page copy

 Becca’s NEW About Page copy

Becca’s NEW About Page copy

Before the Promptlate Shop, Becca shared she would spend hours perfecting and word-smithing one piece of copy only to feel like it got nowhere. 

(I see you over there nodding your head awkwardly because you can TOTES relate.) 

It wasn’t until Becca invested in the Website Bundle where she gained so much clarity to move forward with her website copy.

“I like how the Promptlates broke each section down so writing an entire page of copy wasn’t so daunting.” – Becca Koebrick

She shared her biggest struggle when it came to writing her website copy was, well, the writing.


You, too?! Staring at that blinking cursor and blank Google Doc is one of the most intimidating things when it comes to writing your website copy. But it doesn’t have to be. With the Website Bundle Promptlate you’re able to take an entire page and break it into actionable sections.

Take a look at Becca’s old Home Page versus her new Home Page copy. From hero image all the way to the footer, Becca’s copy is doing all the heavy lifting for her. Her copy shares her story AND speaks directly to her ideal clients.

On her new home page, she doesn’t just address a generic ideal client. It feels like she really knows them!

I mean, she’s gonna help you build “a brand you’re proud of to show off to your friends, family, and favorite barista”?! How did she know I have a favorite barista? Okay, I’m getting distracted, because I’m clearly falling into her ideal client category, but…

THE POINT IS, she’s clear and it’s still fun. That sounds like website copy I can get behind.

Becca’s OLD Home page copy

Becca’s NEW Home Page copy

to connect your website copy with your ideal clients

“I wish I had Promptlates for every aspect of my life.” – Becca Koebrick

I’m TOTALLY here for Becca’s love of the Promptlates and am secretly thinking about how I can include them in every aspect of my life, too! Becca shared the three biggest things she loved most about the Website Bundle Promptlates:

  1. GAIN CLARITY: Before I invested in the Website Bundle Promptlates, I had an idea of who my audience was and what my message to them was. But after going through the Promptlates, I feel like I’m so clear on what I provide, who my audience is (and isn’t), and how to speak directly to them.

  2. YOU CAN WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE: Jess provides a timeline on how you can work through the Promptlates in just 10 days by working on them for 30 minutes each day! But you can really work on them as fast or as slow as you need to. I purchased the Website Bundle Promptlates in the Fall and finished about mid-January, so it took me several months. I was hoping to have all the Promptlates done sooner, but there were stretches of time I wasn’t able to work on it because client work got in the way. The awesome thing about it though was it was nice to come back to what I had written, clean up what needed to be, and finish when I had time.

  3. PEACE OF MIND AND CONFIDENCE: After having all the Promptlates done, I feel like my entire website speaks for itself and I don’t have to keep thinking, “what if I change this or that.” I can sleep easy knowing my website is strong and clear.

Becca’s old services page was kind of assuming that her website visitors already knew they needed a new brand, they just wanted to pick the package. But, with her new services page, Becca takes more of a sales page approach (which we’ll walk you through in The Promptlates!), making the case for why they need it. She also lays out her process of how she makes all that magic happen. Then she just has to throw the softball for them to take action once they’re already DROOLING for her to take their money because they feel so seen. I mean, am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

Becca’s OLD Services Page copy

Becca’s NEW Services Page Copy


Maybe you’re like Becca and struggling to know what to write and how to write it in a way that will capture, connect, and convert the right visitors to your website.

All the people in the back please stand up, please stand up, please stand up…. right?!

My hope is that today’s the day you stop letting words hold you back. With the Website Bundle you’ll receive Promptlates to write your Home Page, About Page, and Services Page. Each one will give you prompts to get the information out of your head and onto your website. So you can forget worrying “if your website is connecting” and instead focus on the work you love to do.

“The easiest part of the process is picking a template! The video trainings explain each template path and this helped so much. I found myself instantly knowing what template I needed.” – Becca Koebrick

Gotcha back, girl. I’ve put together video trainings for each Promptlate to guide you along the way so you know exactly what to write and where to put it with the different template options.

When I first created this DIY copy solution, I thought, “There’s really no way I can just tell them how to do this. Some things just need to be shown.”

But as I moved along in the process, I remembered how reassuring it can be to have an actual voice guiding you through the difficult and tedious pieces of the process.

It’s also impossible to convey my level of NO CHILL about things that really matter in your business unless you hear my voice.

Each Promptlate contains video mini-lessons relevant to that page, and the content that goes into totally nailing it.

Some of the videos mini-lessons include:

  • How to Use a Promptlate

  • Editing + Formatting Your Copy (in action!)

  • Customer Research – How to Know Your Visitors Before They Get to You

  • Let’s Talk Pricing

  • … and more!

If you’re raising your hand and ready to get past that agonizing blinking cursor and on your way to a copy makeover that connects and converts your dream clients on auto then I’d love to have you join us inside The Promptlate Shop

“If you’re on the fence about investing in the Promptlates I would say do it! For the amount of clarity and confidence you gain, they are truly worth every single penny and much more!” – Becca Koebrick

Not sure what Copy that Connects really means? Join my free masterclass happening in just a few weeks!



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