What can Untreated Website Copy do to your business?

August 30, 2021

This post is a part of a series by Oracle Amethyst, Jess’s alter ego and psychic name (according to all-knowing Pinterest, of course). In this series, Jess points out what might be standing in between you and GREAT messaging that actually works for your business. Then, with her all-seeing-eye, she predicts what your future in business will look like if you let those sticking points continue to win.

Are your website words doing their job?

What’s that job?

Their job is to capture the right people’s attention and move them to action QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY.

So, if you know people are landing on your website, but your inquiry inbox is collecting cobwebs in the corners, it’s not you, it’s those WORDS.

But you might still be wondering, how can I really tell if my website words need work?

Common Website Copy Sticking Points

Sticking Point 1: You’re stuck on making what you do make sense/sound desirable.

Sticking Point 2: You haven’t really made your website all about them (yes, even your about page).

Sticking Point 3: You’re letting valuable copy real estate go to waste with generic headlines and explanations

(this one is you if the headline for your about page says “about me” or the headline for your services page says “services”).

Your Business Fortune (via Oracle Amethyst)

My darling, here’s what I see in your future:

If you keep your website copy the way it is, you’ll continue to blend in with your “saturated” industry. Even worse, you’ll show up every day FEELING like you blend in rather than showing up with the confidence and authority you really crave to make your business start feeling like a dream again.

Your best-fit people will be operating out of logic instead of taking action out of desire, which will result in VERY FEW people taking action. And the ones that do? They won’t be truly sold on you when they sign on which will make you feel like you need to prove yourself every step of the way.

People will understand YOU from your website, but they’ll fail to make the connection of, well, what does that have to do with me? You’ll have a website full of copy, but the words will simply fill space rather than doing their job.

But what if instead…

Your OTHER (possible) future:

If you choose to tackle your website copy with a little outside help from an expert eye, you’ll finally be able to publish words on your website that do the work you really want them to. These carefully crafted words will capture the attention of the right people and they’ll move them to action quickly because they immediately feel the DEEP desire to experience the transformation you can help them with.

People will pop into your inbox or Stripe notifications FULLY SOLD on what you provide and ready to do what it takes to experience the outcome you provide instead of needing to be poked and prodded and convinced along the way. People will GET YOU, but more than that, they’ll feel like YOU GET THEM. And you DO, and because the right people are taking action quickly you get to do more of what you love.

Now, if that POSSIBLE future had you saying HECK YEAHHHHH, THAT’S WHAT I WANT, then it’s time to book a Messaging Power Hour with me (Jess, your fave copywriter, not Oracle Amethyst) this fall! With just 9 spots available for the remainder of the year, this is your chance to choose the future of your messaging rather than become a victim of it.

Here’s the Messaging Power Hour 411

Choose 1 of 3 options for your MPH:

Option 1: Brand Voice + Overall Message – We will work together to define your unique brand message in a way that acts as the foundation for everything you write inside your business.

This focus would be the best fit for you if you’re new to business and you’re not sure where you fit in the online world, or if you’re rebranding and you want a solid voice that reflects your heart + expertise to build from.

Option 2: Review + Revise Website Copy – I’ll review your website copy (created with help from the Website Bundle Promptlates® and provide strategic feedback and specific revisions to help you get more of the right people taking action.

This focus would be the best fit for you if you feel like your website words aren’t doing their job, or if you’re going through a website rewrite and you want to make sure your words are built to WORK.

Option 3: Review + Revise Sales Page Copy – I’ll review your sales page (created with help from the Sales Page Promptlate®) and provide strategic feedback and specific revisions to help you get… you guessed it… more of the right people taking action.

This focus would be the best fit for you if you are launching or re-launching a new product, service, program and you want to get all the RIGHT people taking action so you can help them get what they truly want!

Our DFY clients have to commit to a minimum of $4k in order to get my strategic-brain and wordsmithery, but you can get…

An entire hour of coaching from me on your focus of choice

I’ll spend time prepping beforehand by going through what you’ve already got in place, and then we will talk through strategy, we’ll dive deeper into your business and brand story, and we’ll even write a little bit together on our call!


One week of follow-up via email

You’ll get an entire week to follow-up with any questions or clarity you need from me, via email (and possibly the occasional Loom video!).

… for just $697!

I typically reserve my copywriting brain power for our sweet Done For You clients, which would cost you about 9x the investment amount of a Messaging Power Hour. But, because I’m invested in your success and cannot wait to help you put your passion into words that really work, I’ve cleared my calendar for 9 of these just for you guys.



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