The Non-Salesy Way to Share Your Value with the World

August 19, 2020

Have you ever heard people say, “Ohhhh, I’m really not selling, I’m just sharing” when it comes to talking about their value online?

I’m calling BULL – hockey sticks (okay, not the right replacement for a curse word, but you get it) on that. 

Tough Love: “Just sharing” doesn’t work.

If you have a desire to build a business worth talking about, you’ve gotta find the words that’ll help you kick that “salesy” feeling to the curb, PRONTO.

In today’s case study, we have a REAL LIFE story of one of our sweet, loyal Promptlate Shop Students who did exactly that.

Meet: Alyssa Wolff

Alyssa runs Your Unbusy Life. She helps introverted moms transform their lives by creating simplicity with their stuff and their schedules.

Copyright 2018 Jonathan Wolff

I mean, talk about VALUE, right? What introverted mom doesn’t need Alyssa during Pandemic 2020?

But, before she found The Promptlate Shop, Alyssa wasn’t super-duper comfortable with the thought of sounding “sales-y” in her website copy OR the copy in her client welcome packet. In her own words:

“Before working through the Promptlates, my copy felt very amateur-ish. It was sales-y in an uncomfortable way. I was embarrassed at the thought of anyone seeing it.”

Let’s be real—uncomfortable should NEVER be an associated emotion with your web copy. Because if you feel uncomfortable with it, then no doubt your ideal client will, too. (Or they’ll at least pick up on your discomfort!) 

With the help of the Promptlates, Alyssa was finally able to write web copy that converts while still remaining genuine to herself and her values—aka, she could sell her offer without selling herself out.

And YOU, too, can strike this perfect balance in your website copy. Here’s how.

How the Promplates set you up to write genuine web copy that converts

We start with “guided journaling” — aka, the prompts.

The problem with starting web copywriting from scratch, is that you build up this idea in your head of what your copy is “supposed” to sound like based on other successful entrepreneurs you admire. So then, you end up putting a TON of pressure on yourself to sound natural and genuine that it turns out sounding completely forced and so not… you.

And, don’t forget, just because someone’s web copy sounds genuine doesn’t mean it’s getting the job done—ahemmm, getting clients in the door. 

(Yes, you can be genuine in your copy while STILL writing copy that converts. Promise.)

Alyssa put this roadblock into words perfectly.

You want to be genuine & draw people in, but you don’t know what parts of yourself to bring to the table.”

The beauty of the Promptlates is that they were formatted to get you thinking before you do any of the real copywriting. By starting with a series of prompts before we dive into the templates (hence, “Promptlate!”), you’re able to brain dump your thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. and get ALL of those golden nuggets on the page to refer back to throughout the copywriting process.

Alyssa even refers to the Promptlate experience as “guided journaling”—which I LOVE—and said that writing all of the backstory first helped to establish the sincerity in her writing that was lacking pre-Promptlates.

Then, we translate your responses from the prompts into web copy that converts.

Once you’ve completed the prompts section of the Promptlate (Whew! Go you, friend 💃), then you get to choose your page template based on YOUR unique business, personality, and what will totally captivate the attention of your ideal client.

Because remember—when you find business words that connect, that is the true conversion long game. #boom

Each and every template within all of the Promptlates was created based on my signature Copy That Converts framework (Wondering what that’s all about? Join the waitlist for my next free master class!)

AND, they were also built to allow TPS Students the freedom to stay true to themselves, while still formatting their copy in a way that will convert ideal clients into real-life paying clients. You know, the ones who make your business possible!

And beyond the prompts and done-for-you templates, there’s even additional support along the way with video explanations and writing samples to give you a starting point. Plus, hype-girl pep talks to get your wheels turning. This was one of Alyssa’s favorite features of both the Website Bundle and the Welcome Packet Promptlate.

“Once you’re finally done, you’ll read over the copy, amazed that those words came out of your brain. And they did—with Jess’s expert coaching. She wrote the genius prompts and gave you the examples to follow—you did the rest. You’re going to be so proud of the way your business sounds now, you’ll almost want to buy your own services!”

Just a little snapshot from Alyssa’s website copy!

Lastly, you implement and repurpose the new fabulous copy you so beautifully wrote!

The best part about finally feeling confident in your copy—how well it’s written, how true to you it sounds, and how well it performs—is that you can revisit the prompts and sections of the templates ANY TIME to pull inspiration for copy in other formats, like social captions and email sequences. That way, you can continue to put out value to your audience on ALL platforms, with copy that’s both genuine to you while also being copy that converts.

After going through the Promptlates, I feel more genuine in all of my copy—on my website, social media, email marketing, and products. I’m sharing my value with the world. It’s not about me; it’s what I can bring to help my readers.” -Alyssa Wolff

Ready to finally achieve that perfect balance for yourself?

I’m happy to support you through that, girl! Send me a DM with your questions, or grab your Promptlate below!


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