Repurposing Content So You Never Have to Reinvent the Wheel Again

August 26, 2020

Something you maybe didn’t realize when you started your own business is just how much time, effort, and planning goes into effective content creation.

You see your favorite female entrepreneurs posting nearly every day on the ‘gram like it’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy—so you may not have even thought twice about it when you took the jump into building your own business.

But you quickly found out it’s definitely easier said than done. Way easier.

Week to week, you find yourself racking your brain for content ideas for your blog, emails, Instagram feed, AND Instagram stories. Do your followers really care about every detail of your life!?

The short answer? Yes. Your people want you—are counting on you—to show up. They TRULY want the value only you can bring to them!

But when it feels so difficult to continuously come up with content to share, and it takes SO much of your time… it’s hard to find the motivation to keep up with the Joneses on content creation.

TPS Student, Heather Dodge, felt the same exact way before working through the Website Bundle. She runs not one, but two businesses—which meant double the content, double the time, and double the headache. Oof.

photo credit: Heather Dodge Photography

Before she found The Promptlate Shop, she was in a total rut, and didn’t feel excited about her content at all.

“I felt like I was constantly repeating myself or like I was publishing the same, generic copy as my competition. But now, I feel so confident in my copy! I know that it’s attracting my ideal clients, and I constantly get inquiries and connections with couples who reference my website and specific points from my copy!”

Newfound confidence?

Copy that converts?

Connecting with your ideal client?

Now that’s what we like to hear at TPS!

Here’s a little insider peek at how exactly Heather has streamlined her content creation with the help of working through the Promptlates.

The Ease, Beauty, & Benefits of Repurposing Your Content

1 | You make meaningful connections with your ideal client

Beyond the obvious benefits—ease and convenience—repurposing content gives you as an entrepreneur, there are lots of other benefits that Heather got to experience firsthand.

“Since using the Promptlates, I have booked multiple couples who reference specific points from my copy and connect with me beyond just price shopping—including SO MANY couples with dogs, who call my pup (Dobe) by name and share a common love of rescues.”

A snippet of Heather’s personality-packed About Page!

My favorite part about Heather’s ‘About’ copy? I RELATE to these points, so much. The details like re-writing her to-do list, living for a good belly laugh, cringing at awkward TV moments, and that horrifying moment when you realize you forgot to spray the brownie pan before baking… these are all relatable details.

The Promptlates guide you through every step of the way to get to these amazing outcomes.

As you work through the Promptlates, you’re taken through a series of prompts that guide you to do some major soul searching—to really dig deep and uncover what makes you different, your WHY, and the unique value you bring to the table.

And then, you implement your answers into the template structure that makes most sense for your biz goals. You may not use all of the questions you answered from the prompts section, but it will all eventually tie together to tell your brand story well beyond your website. Plus, every single answer in the prompts section can turn into ideas for content on channels other than your website in the future. HELLO, TIMESAVER.

Like Heather explained above, she made a memorable connection with her audience by featuring her dog Dobe in all of her content—not just her web copy. 

And when your copy CONNECTS, that’s when your dream client becomes your real client.

I’ve been able to repurpose so many details into social media posts and applying the same techniques when writing emails to clients. Before TPS, I would have typically gotten ghosted after an initial inquiry, but now they’re connecting back with me!”

2 | Repurposing Your Content = Creating Brand Consistency

The best way to build a loyal audience who trusts you, supports you, and spreads the good word about you to their audience? Consistency in your brand—aka, how you show up in the world.

While this revolves around the entire picture of your brand, your copy and messaging plays a MAJOR role here. And, I know I’m a little biased, but it’s actually the star of the show. We’ve got miles of proof from our students and clients that consistently confident messaging CHANGES THINGS inside your business.

When you talk about the same topics in the same voice on your website, social media, and in your subscribers’ inboxes, you start to build unshakeable trust with your ideal client. They know what kind of content to expect from you, how it’ll sound, and how often they’ll hear from you.

People LOVE feeling secure—especially when they’re following the expertise of someone they met online and will likely never meet IRL—and repurposing content acts like a security blanket for your followers. It’s basically everything our parents told us NOT to do in the MySpace days. Except that whole never-share-your-address thing… maybe stick with keeping that under wraps.

The Website Bundle allowed Heather the ability to easily connect the dots between all of her communication channels to consistently attract her ideal client all. the. time.

“The Promptlate Shop has helped me to write copy in every aspect of my business beyond just my website. It creates continuity with my brand across social media, website, and when my clients meet me in person. I finally feel like my web presence and words match my core values!”

If you’re a photographer who’s ever struggled with naming your unique value, take a note from Heather’s unique value proposition (pictured above).

She took a little bit of her dream client, a little bit of her unique process, and some passion and combined it all into a statement that attracts the right people and shows them she can give them exactly what they want.

Here, her amazingly effortless brand image is shown right alongside these powerful words, “I’m a big fan of effortless posing that feels like you!”

Instead of just focusing on who she was, she focused on showing a piece of her passion that will help her dream client get exactly what they want—photos that look effortless and feel like them.

Remember earlier, when Heather mentioned more than once in her About copy about her love for rescue dogs? She maintains that connection on all the pages on her website—and even centered her freebie around dogs, with a guide to capturing furry friends on camera.

It’s these seemingly small details that tie your web copy together and make memorable connections with your ideal client.

And if that wasn’t enough motivation for ya…

3 | Repurposing content earns you MAJOR brownie points on Google. 👏

Your audience aren’t the only ones who love to see consistent content. Search engines (not just Google!) love to see you repurposing your content across your website, blog, and social media. And recycling content is seriously easier than ever with The Promptlates.

When you speak on the same topics across all your communication channels, and, even better—when you make UPDATES to your content—search engines will give you a boost in rankings. Why? Because it shows you’re continuously adding value and keeping up with best practices. It positions you as an early adopter and a thought leader in your niche—which you ARE!

Are you as inspired by Heather’s website copy as we are?!

Let’s not forget about the Fringe Benefits

The coolest thing about all of this is, not only did Heather end up with value-driven copy that speaks DIRECTLY to her people… she took the copywriting principles she learned from The Promptlates and used them in her email marketing for an entirely different business.


She doesn’t even have a website up yet, but The Promptlate principles helped her book 3 clients through EMAIL.

Heather’s selling on every platform in TWO businesses with her new copywriting skills. She’s taking “repurposing content” to another level.

Talk about smart use of a single investment. WOW.

Ready to ditch painful content planning processes for good? Send me a DM with your questions or click the link below to jump right in.

Jess, XO


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