Females on Fire Podcast Interview | Why Your Audience Isn’t Taking Action

January 15, 2020


The show notes for this podcast interview originally appeared over at Females on Fire

So you’re doing all the things, right? 

You’re listening to the experts, tuning into all the podcasts (oh heyyyy!) and finally created a system for nailing your traffic and engagement only to hear crickets on your sales page or your social media channels. 

Conversion? I mean what does that mean anyway? 

It can seem like a fairytale unicorn that only a special few entrepreneurs have actually figured out. 

You’re exhausted, and this game of showing up for your audience and serving them well (with little to no action by them) is burning you out. You begin to sing “Jesus Take the Wheel” because you’ve got nothing left to give.

Now, hear me out. I do love me some Carrie Underwood and “Jesus Take the Wheel,” but I promise you there is a way to get your audience to actually take action.

I’m excited to share my podcast interview with Hayley from Females on Fire where we talk all about this very touchy topic: Why your audience is showing up, but not taking action.

I believe there is a huge mindset shift that needs to happen when it comes to getting your audience to take action and we are breaking it all down for you. 

Tune in below!

FEMALES ON FIRE | Why Your Audience Isn’t Taking Action
with Jess Jordana

In this episode, you’ll hear all about how my high school teaching days brought me to where I am now and how it’s placed a foundation in my heart to serve others. 

I don’t believe in writing words just to write, I believe in writing words for business owners and then teaching them how to use that message themselves.

We dive into this constant climb entrepreneurs are chasing after and how it’s so easy to move onto the next thing without intentionally slowing down and asking: 

How did this feel? Did I enjoy it? Is this the direction I want my life to take? And if not, do I have the courage to step back and do something different.

The conversation about attention versus information and showing up versus action is making my palms sweaty and my heart nerd out.

I mean we all have struggled with this at one point in our business, amiright? I believe the first step in getting your audience to take action is to shift your mindset. 

Websites are not just a brochure of your services. Instagram isn’t just a place to post your morning coffee or latest wedding photo booth pics.

They are a place for your audience to show up and connect with you. 

A place for you to build a relationship. 

And when we start talking about conversion we NEED to first think about building a relationship.

“Connection is the foundation of conversion.” – Jess Jordana

Tune in using the media player above or head to the full show notes to grab my best tips and advice on how to build connection first which will then lead to action.

3 Steps to Train Your Audience to Engage with Your Content


  • My background in high school teaching and the two big lessons it taught me moving into the world of entrepreneurship

  • The most important questions to ask yourself when “climbing” to the next big thing

  • Why I don’t believe everyone needs to master copywriting, but what they DO need to master instead

  • The first step in getting your audience to take action

  • Conversion versus Connection and which one is the foundational piece to getting your audience to take action

  • How to add more personality to your copy

  • Make the journey clear to your audience about the value you offer and how you can help get them there

  • Tune in for more simple, but big steps you can do to get your audience to take action

Here is a bonus just for you! Find out what people actually think when they land on your website and why they’re clicking on “close tab” instead of “book now”.

Get your “Dream Client Goggles” Worksheet

Females on Fire Podcast Interview | Why you Audience is Showing Up but NOT Taking Action
Get your “Dream Client Goggles” Worksheet
3 Steps to Train Your Audience to Engage with Your Content

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