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March 13, 2020


This post is part of our Copy Makeover Stories where we highlight our amazing clients and their copy projects.

Carolina Poli of The Kale Club had a brand new health and wellness certification burning a hole in her pocket when we first started our work together. When she got her certification, she knew she wanted to build a platform for people to not only find and OWN their health, but also as a way to find themselves again. She was so afraid of being lost in the noise of the crazy online business world, and she didn’t want to head into a business model that wouldn’t be sustainable. She knew she had to stand out, so she came to Jess, XO to make her happen.

Carolina is always in pursuit of her healthiest and happiest self. And I believe that’s exactly the journey her web copy sets in motion for the dream people who land on her site.


For this Copy Makeover Project, we honed in on Carolina’s Brand Messaging Guide and Web Copy.

We focused on the concept that both health and happiness can exist in the same space! And her tagline was born: Find Your Happiest Healthy

Health and Happiness are two core messages and very important pieces to Carolina’s mission, brand messaging, and web copy as a whole.

Throughout her web copy, we wanted to share the importance of allowing both health and happiness to exist in the same space, without depriving, or killing yourself in the gym. Instead, it comes down to the balance of the two.

Carolina is a mom of two little boys. It was through becoming a mom where she realized she needed a part of her journey to be only hers

That’s where we came up with this headline: Transform Your Health And Get Back To Being You.

She was at a place in life where she knew that in order to care for herself in this way, she needed to find herself again. And many of her audience are in that exact same season of life, so we knew it was important to highlight.

When it came to building her brand message, Carolina struggled at first with which angle to tell her brand story.

We could have attacked her brand messaging from the mom angle alone and say something like, “Hey mamas, I’m here to help you find yourself again.”

But instead, we chose not to niche down in that way because Carolina wanted her audience to be united by their values, not their life circumstances or life-stage-titles.

Whether you’re a mom or not, maybe you lost yourself along the way of your life’s journey and you need to get back to yourself?

That’s where we came up with the headline:

Do You Remember The Last Time You Felt Like You?
Do you feel like you’ve lost her?

Carolina’s audience is somebody who feels they’ve lost touch with who they really are—their authenticity, health, and seeing how their body can function in the best way possible.

Her mission is getting back to the core of what your body was meant to do and what YOU were meant to do. 

Another important piece of Carolina’s brand messaging was attacking the WHY of a healthy lifestyle and addressing the fact that it’s not all about losing weight.

We did this by highlighting the benefits and results of what The Kale Club Healthy Lifestyle looks like in more detail. These bite-sized perks and results are a great way to connect and educate her audience on a deeper level through her web copy.


One day after her website launched, Carolina shared that someone reached out and said:

I feel like you’re inside my actual head.

To me that’s one of the biggest compliments we could have ever received! Copy that resonates with your audience doesn’t have to be this magical mystery. It’s possible to achieve strong, cohesive brand messaging when you have a business, a heart to serve others, and the right words to bring it to life. 

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