Website Copy Makeover: in the details, darling

March 27, 2020


This post is part of our Copy Makeover Stories where we highlight our amazing clients and their copy projects.

Today on Copy Makeover Stories I’m so excited to share a web copy project with one of my favorite humans in the entire world, Jenna Daykin of in the details, darling.

Jenna’s sweet spirit runs deep, and heading into this project I knew we needed to keep everything very clear for her multiple audiences, but also REALLY showcase her INTENSE care for them. It was a lofty goal to make that level of intention and grace come through in words, but I think we rose to the challenge in the end! I’m so thankful she trusted me with this project. She instantly went into my dream client file, so I could attempt to clone her for future client projects 😂or at least attract people who had a similar heart for business!


Before working together, one of Jenna’s biggest challenges was that she actually was already fully booked for her one-on-one virtual assistant and online business management services.

And although that seems like a great problem to have, she had other services like her System Set Ups and Virtual Assistant Mentorship spots that were still available. Because Jenna serves with her ENTIRE heart and she was fully booked with one-on-one client work, she didn’t have the time or energy to explain to the creative world how she could continue to serve even if it wasn’t through one-on-one work together.

Jenna needed a website that did the heavy lifting for her and showcased her big, beautiful heart.

Enter moi!

When we started working together a big goal of ours was to create copy that spoke to Jenna’s personality, how she relates to her audience on a deep level, and how in the details she really is. (Trust me, this girl is allll in the details!) 

She needed a website that spoke to BOTH of her audiences: Virtual Assistants and Business Owners when it needed to.


With Jenna’s brand voice we really focused on using encouraging words that are full of grace, really kind, and not too pain point heavy. She isn’t one to harp on what you’re doing wrong or point out all the problems in an accusing way. Instead, she is someone who steps onto your team that speaks to the problem in the most graceful manner you could ever imagine. 

Because of that, it was extremely important we used messaging that portrayed her grace-filled heart.

One of the ways we were able to accomplish this was through this simple phrase: Let me take on what’s taking over your life.

Jenna truly wants to shoulder the burden of her clients by pointing out what you’re struggling with and then helping you know how to fix it. She is the sweetest, most thoughtful human you could ever meet so it was extremely important to me to make sure that the copy used throughout her entire website sounds like it would if you were sitting across the coffee table with Jenna herself.


This was a goal I focused on when crafting copy for her About Page. Jenna literally is your go-to girl and business psychic. She cares about leaving everything better than she found it. (I mean can we just all have a Jenna in our life?)

For her, she knows this business of hers isn’t saving the world, but she fully believes she can help save your life if she helps make your day better than how you started it. 

As someone who is inside of your business, it’s important to know she cares as much about your life and business as you do. No, her work may not be saving the world, but man does she help move the needle forward in your business.

Throughout her about page copy, we continued to speak gracefully about her personal values and how those values are important when choosing someone to be in the backend of your business. Those values she has are qualities you would want from someone you’re trusting your business with, ya know? So we needed to share them!

About pages can be tricky sometimes. You don’t always need to share surface-level information about your real life if it doesn’t help resonate with your audience. But with Jenna, sharing those details about her personal life are really important because if someone is going to be inside your business, you want to get to know them on a deeper level. You want to know the details that fill their heart and the non-negotiables they will bring into your life and business.

Those non-negotiables we translated into “other things I don’t take lightly” because it connects with where we mentioned earlier that she isn’t saving the world, but she’s out to save your life. 

We connect those two concepts to things she doesn’t take lightly because she really does take your business seriously. And she will give her everything to it each and every day.


Here is where the web copy project got a tiny bit complicated and where clarity really matters.

For all you business owners (and people in the back) similar to Jenna who have more than one audience, please LISTEN UP!

We couldn’t speak to virtual assistants and business owners on the same page because those are entirely two different services with people who are struggling with different things.

We needed to separate them so that Jenna’s website could speak to either virtual assistants or business owners when it needed to.

This image appears on Jenna’s home page and provides clarity of where each audience needs to go next to learn more details about how she can help them in this specific season of business.

If a business owner looking to streamline her systems landed on Jenna’s home page, she would know to click on the left and be taken to a services page speaking directly to her.

If a virtual assistant hopped on the page looking for mentorship, they would clearly know to click on the right and be taken to a virtual assistant mentorship services page speaking directly to her needs.

Through market research and far too many conversations with other virtual assistants, we were able to create three different options Jenna could help them with.

Each option speaks to the same person (virtual assistants), but with different pain points and needs in their journey that Jenna can step into and help walk alongside as they navigate through.

This is the clarity you NEED on your home page, people.

If you have more than one audience and you are trying to speak to both audiences (with different pain points) on the same page, you best get to gettin’ that updated or your audience will never take action because they can’t fully relate to how you can help them in the first place.


Do you have more than one audience you need help speaking to? Ooh pick me. I’m here to help!

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