Take Your Website Words from Cringeworthy to a Confident Conversion Machine

July 29, 2020

Okay, REAL QUESTION: When was the last time you actually looked at your website words?

Like, gave it a thorough read-through.

If you find yourself currently feeling…

  • Embarrassed to send potential clients and customers to your website
  • Like you’re trying not to use the word “cringeworthy” when someone asks you to describe your website words
  • Ready to scrap it all and start over, or just silently accept that you’ll NEVER be able to put your passion into words

… today’s Promptlate Shop Case Study is FOR YOU.

I mean, we all know the words on our website, in those emails to that list we’re supposed to be writing to, AND our dreaded social media captions—they all have a stinkin’ JOB TO DO.

But, the problem is, no one REALLY taught us how to write words that rise to that responsibility.

Sara felt the exact same way when she first purchased The Website Bundle Promptlates.

So, if you’re ready to take your copy from cringeworthy to connecting and converting with CONFIDENCE, keep on readin’ sis.

Take Your Website Words from Cringeworthy to Confident

Today’s Case Study is all about Sara Motes, website designer and Pinterest manager at Motes Design.

Sara designs websites with your dream client in mind and creates Pinterest strategies to get them there.

BUT, she didn’t have anywhere near that kind of a polished and compelling statement to explain what she did before she snagged the Promptlates.

She actually said she was EMBARRASSED (sound familiar?) to give her website address out to potential clients because she knew it did not convey the value she provided.

Motes Design Website

Fast forward to her launch day after she wrote her website words using the Promptlates:

Homegirl got 3 DREAM INQUIRIES within 30 minutes of launching her website!

PLUS, she had a huge boost in confidence when it came to talking about her business and the value she truly provides for her clients.

Her business already had crazy value, but she needed a way to get that value into the HANDS OF THE PEOPLE. That journey starts with communicating your value in a way that MAKES PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT IT. Like gotta-have-it-kinda-want-it.

Now, defining that value wasn’t without hard work. Sara said the process of going through the Promptlates was only difficult because she’d never really gone deep into her value before.

“The hardest part was working through the prompts. It was hard because it was the first time I’ve had to think THAT HARD about the value I provide to my clients. I was used to just advertising what I did. I’d never thought to advertise the VALUE of what I did.” – Sara Motes, Motes Design

It’s the kind of hard work that MAJORLY PAYS OFF in the long run, especially when you have a process to follow along the way.

(I mean, look at this copy, guys!!!)

Motes Design Website


The 3 C’s of Copy that Connects

Motes Design Website

The beauty of The Promptlates is that it’s a process that helps you come out on the other side with your website copy FINISHED. But, along the way, you also learn so much about writing copy for your business, which is a task that you probably didn’t sign up for, but will never disappear.

Might as well learn NOW, right?

That was exactly what happened for Sara. She wanted to share the 3 C’s she uncovered throughout the process that are the keys to copy that actually connects and acts as a conversion machine for your business.


“The Promptlates provide clarity. You can’t market your business effectively if you can’t clearly communicate the value of what you offer.”

Sara is so right. We often are so focused on “brand voice,” that we forget to nail down the actual VALUE we provide in our businesses. And with that, we miss why it matters for our specific audience.

Do you know how to communicate your value clearly?

Motes Design Website


“The Promptlates provide confidence. You can market your business with confidence because you know your website is saying EXACTLY what you need it to say. It’s like your website is working FOR you.”

Your website should be your 24/7 sales team. Not the weird one in the office who you hide in the closet when clients come around!

Do you feel confident about what your business has to offer? Are you confident putting that into words?

Motes Design Website


“The Promptlates provide consistency. They’ll help you write copy that is consistent with your brand across all your marketing materials.”

So many business owners work so hard on their website copy (or have a pro do it!). Then they forget about it when it’s time to write other content for their business. Don’t let that be you. Make sure your website words work for you, and then work ‘em to the bone. REUSE. REPURPOSE. REPEAT.

Doesn’t it sound like a dream to not have to write words from scratch every time you need to create content that actually SELLS for your business?

I mean, take it from Sara, not me. With a little dedication (and a steady flowwwww of iced coffee and passion), you can take your copy from cringeworthy to confidently converting the right people with the proven Promptlate process.

Head here to snag The Website Bundle and give your website words a makeover!

Jess, XO


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