Case Study: How To Craft Copy That Connects

May 27, 2020

Part of the Copy that Connects Series

The Website Bundle Case Study—Hailee Stegall of Spring + Bloom Marketing

Can I ask a hard question? I don’t mean to pry (okay, maybe I do) and I most definitely don’t want to make you feel bad about your web copy, but I’m passionate about teaching creative entrepreneurs how to craft copy that connects so the words on your website reach the people you were meant to serve in this world. 

So that’s why I’m here. Showing up with an iced coffee in hand, diggin’ in deep asking tough questions that most people are too afraid to ask.

Does your brand messaging and web copy connect with those you’re fired up to serve?

Are you confident in consistently sharing your message?

Do you receive inquiries that just don’t align with who you were meant to serve?

If you answered NO (or yes to that last one!) or weren’t even sure how the heck to answer one of the three questions above, then this case study is for YOU.

Ya ready?


Today I’m sharing a case study all about how to craft copy that connects with your audience by taking a look at one of my Website Bundle Promptlate Shop students, Hailee Stegall of Spring + Bloom Marketing.

Hailee is a marketing genius who writes ad copy for her clients on the daily. Yet, when it came to writing copy for her own website and brand, she struggled.

“Before I used the Website Bundle Promptlate, my website was speaking to no one. It was super sad, generic, and cookie cutter. It only covered the basics, but didn’t actually tell MY story. After using the Promptlates, I’m so proud of my website now! It really reflects who I am and what my business is all about. ” – Hailee Stegall

Can you TOTALLY relate to Hailee?

Oftentimes, it’s easier to see the beauty in others, but when it’s time to share our story and connect with others in how we can add value to their life, we struggle to put it into words.

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This is where The Promptlate Shop will help you sit with yourself and dig into your unique value, your passions, and how your services are so needed in this world. 

After 4 hours, yes just FOUR HOURS, Hailee had completely overhauled her website copy and the results are UNREAL!

“I write copy for my clients’ ads every day, but it was so hard to write good copy for myself. Jess’s Promptlates were seriously such a lifesaver. They helped guide me and make writing website copy not so overwhelming.” – Hailee Stegall

I get it, trust me. Writing any form of copy can be one of the most intimidating and daunting tasks as an entrepreneur. I’m a professional copywriter and I STILL struggle some days to get the right words out for blog posts, email newsletters, Instagram captions, you name it.

But guess what? We use words in EVERYTHING we do. The words we use leads to connecting with our audience.


And that’s why I created The Promptlate Shop.

“I repurpose pretty much everything I used to build my website copy in my email marketing. I love that you can repurpose copy written with the Promplates in so many ways.” – Hailee Stegall

I never want you to feel like you have to start with a blank page and come up with the most magical copy that connects with those you dream of serving.

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Instead, I’ve created Prompts for you to dig into who your audience is, what they love to do and how you can craft copy that connects and serves them best—and not JUST on your website. The Promptlates help you nail down your brand messaging so you can use it throughout your entire marketing strategy. 

“The easiest part of using The Website Bundle Promptlate is going in and filling in your answers to the questions and then at the end being able to easily put it all together. The hardest part: Telling my own story, it’s just so hard to talk about myself!” – Hailee Stegall


OOOOHHHH the lovely fear of talking about yourself. I know you’ve been or are currently where Hailee was and struggle at times to share your story and your message, too!

This fear of talking about yourself is a mindset shift we get through while working on your Prompts. Yes, you are sharing YOUR story. But you’re job is to share your story in a way that exactly who you are meets EXACTLY who they need.

Because of your values and experiences, they can relate to you, see themselves on the page, and they’ll start to believe you can change their life with the work that you do. 

“I’ve had several clients and potential clients tell me they really connected with me and my story after visiting my website, which is SO amazing to hear! To be honest, I feel like my website does most of the heavy lifting with sales now and I don’t have to spend as much time selling once I get someone on a discovery call which is a HUGE win for me.” – Hailee Stegall

Hailee shared that she gets compliments about her website ALL the time now—something she never got before she overhauled her website using the Website Bundle Promptlate.


“I really, really love the Promplates and would say it is one of the best investments I have made in my business. “– Hailee Stegall

This is EVERYTHING to me and at this point my iced coffee is in full force while I’m happy dancin’ in my office. Because this is why I created the Promptlates.

Even for those marketing geniuses out there like Hailee who write for their clients on the daily, but struggle to get their own message into the world. This is for YOU.

So why should you invest in The Promptlate Shop? Hailee shared three reasons why she believes YOU should invest in yourself and your business:

#1) You create copy that connects with your ideal clients

#2) It takes the heavy lifting out of sales conversions—you’ll get 75% of the way there if you have AWESOME copy!

#3) You’ll have tons of well thought out copy and content to repurpose for email, captions, etc.

*mic drop*

with some #copythatconnects tears

When I first created The Promptlate Shop, I never imagined the impact it could make in the lives of so many. Hearing how this has been the BEST investment Hailee has made in her business fires me up to wake up each and every day and help you get your story out into the world, too.

You ready?




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