Anatomy of an About Page that Connects and Converts

August 28, 2019

Peach rings, sweet tea, and chick-fil-a. That was the core of my first-ever written-for-someone about page. 

I mean…

  1. YUM.
  2. RELATABLE, right?

Now, granted, I was still in college, I didn’t even know what copywriting was at this point, and it was my first try.

So what’s an About Page supposed to be about, anyway?

After a little bit (okay, a LOT) more experience in this area, I’ve learned that your About Page doesn’t need to be an encyclopedia of all things you.

A strategic About Page can actually do the job of painting you as a guide, while simultaneously helping your dream person see themselves on the page. Yes, even in your story.

In today’s blog post, I want to show you how your About Page can actually work for you, instead of just being cutesy.

Have you ever been on a coffee date with a new friend, or just met someone for the first time when they just go ON… AND ON… AND ON… about themselves?

What a friendship buzz-kill, right?

The best friendships and deepest relationships are formed through two-sided conversation. They tell you a little bit about them, and you have a chance to chime in and say, “NO WAY, me too!” Then you go a little into your story, and so on.

Here’s the kicker: Your About Page should do the same thing.


The trick with About Pages is to tell your story in a way that connects. You have to find the pieces of your story that your audience will relate to. 

How do you do that? You’ve gotta take a bird’s eye view of two stories: yours and your audience’s.

If you were to write out your story (a.k.a. how you got here), chances are, you could pull out some things.

  • Is there something you’ve always been searching for and never found it till you started this business?
  • Is there an innate desire in you that can only be fulfilled by this passion? Is there a roadblock that’s constantly tripped you up?
  • Can you even believe you are where you are now?

Now, turn to your audience. Have they ever felt any of those things?

The key is to hone in on the details that make your audience either say, “YES, ME” or “oooh, I want that.”

Let’s go a little deeper.

The Anatomy of an About Page that Connects and Converts

Hold up a mirror

Before you tell your life story, you need to capture your audience with something relatable. Help them see themselves on the page, even on your About Page.

You could start with something like: “I’ve always been the creative one. And creatives don’t have systems. That’s too boring and restrictive, right?”

Obviously, you’re a systems strategist, or a creative business owner who raves about systems, systems changed your life, bla-bla.

That’s awesome!

But imagine if you would’ve started your About Page with, “Hi, I’m Jess, creative systems strategist.”

It’s not quite as sticky because it doesn’t pull your reader in to your story. Plus, EVERYONE starts their about page that way!

Show them the window

After you make sure they see themselves on the page and are invested in your story, it’s time to show them what’s possible on the other side of that very relatable obstacle.

Systems will change your life, sure. But what does that life look like? What does your life look like? Here’s where you can pull in some of the human aspects of your story. Are you married? Do you have kids? 

Instead of just saying “wife to one, momma to three,” try giving those details in story form, moving past the pain point and into the land of the best version of you.

Get through the door

This last piece is the one that so many About Pages miss.

Where do you want them to go from here? To your services page? To a blog post? To contact you?

Choose one, maybe two, and guide them to their next step after they’re done binge-reading your About Page.

All too often, this page can become a dead zone. But, someone who reads your entire About Page? They’re likely in the process of falling in love with you and your business, so make sure and capitalize on that by pointing them to buy, or at least keep binge-reading.

So, tell me: Is your About Page a museum exhibit of you? Are you hiding behind the glass, and missing the chance to make contact with your dream visitor who wants to connect with you?

Action Step: Write out your story. What got you here? Then, go through and pull out key characters, recurring themes, and motifs.

Key characters: Who have been constants or big players in your story? Highlight those.

Recurring themes: What have you always been pursuing? What do you value? What do you truly want? What have you achieved? Do any of these big, abstract ideas keep popping up? 

Repeating motifs: In literature, a motif is described as “a distinctive feature in a literary composition.” You might know these as your known-for’s, or your Jenna Kutcher 5. What are some mainstays in your story? For me, it’s coffee. For one of my clients, all of her big life changes happened near the ocean. For another client, she started her business while traveling so she could travel more. What are recurring elements, details, or features throughout your story? 

Then, ask yourself: Can my audience relate with any of these elements or values?

If you’re looking for a done-for-you lesson to guide you through the process of writing your About Page, head to The Promptlate Shop!

It’s my signature process to help you write your own copy from start-to-finish, without pulling your hair out + staring at a blank page.


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