Copy Hack: How to Hook More of the RIGHT People with One Sentence

August 26, 2019

You’ve felt it. I’ve felt it.

That moment you get an email from that client. The one who you KNOW you never should have said “yes” to in the first place. They make you question if a dream business is even possible. Are they the problem, or is it you? Do you need to change your processes, streamline your systems, send carrier pigeons instead of pinging them on Trello? WHAT IN THE WORLD. Is it over yet?

What if it was possible for those clients to never get to you in the first place? What if your messaging could say “no” FOR you?

In today’s blog post, AND THE FIRST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE, we’re diving deeper into the ONE question every visitor is asking the moment they land on your website:

Is this for me?

But we’re diving even deeper today into not only how to attract the right people, but how to repel the wrong ones–and why your current message isn’t doing the job.

Okay, I know you’re like: REPEL?! What about my bills?! And my coffee budget? Am I gonna have to give up coffee? I can’t give up coffee. *Promptly starts looking for job postings.*

Just hold your horses for a second. Hear me out.

When you start crafting a message that repels, it will attract more effortlessly. A message that attracts and repels leaves less of a question in the mind of the perfect person. They KNOW this is for them, almost instantly. That’s the goal.

Not taking away your coffee budget. I would NEVER.

How to Answer: Is this for me?

At the most basic level, in order to answer that question, you just need one sentence:

what you do + who you do it for + how you do it differently

It’s easy to get hung up on the “who you do it for” component if you don’t work with one single industry. If that rings true for you, try to think a little deeper. What do the people you work with value? What do they want? Where are they getting stuck? That’s even more powerful than just naming a generic industry, unless you’re super-niched (which, go you!).

So, once you write that statement, I want you to do a little litmus test.

Ask yourself: Would this statement repel anyone?

But, really. Pause for a moment and think about it.

Here’s an example:

A photographer might say that they work with “joyful couples.”

That’s great! I would want to photograph happy people, too. They’re the prettiest. BUT. Think about it. What couple would actually admit to not being joyful? Is anyone going to land on your website and think, “Oh, they said joyful couples. That’s not us.”

I know it sounds silly or maybe a little dramatic, but chances are, if your statement isn’t repelling, it’s not REALLY ATTRACTING, either. Sure, people might read on, they might book you, but they’re not sold from the moment they land on your site.

Instead, I have a client who gears everything toward “rad couples.” That word “rad” brings forward a much more vivid image than “joyful.” Sure, they might be full of joy, but they are probably a little funky, a little out-of-the-box, maybe they like a good adventure, etc. It attracts that person and repels someone who might be equally as joyful, but identifies as more “elegant” than “rad.”

Does that make sense, now?

Also, please don’t use “adventurous.” Get more specific!

Another example:

My client’s original messaging was to “tired moms.”


What mom isn’t tired, am I right?

So we adjusted a piece of the messaging at the end to say: “so neither of you have to cry-it-out in the process.”

This repels the mom who is searching for a cry-it-out method. It attracts the mom who’s found herself crying alongside her baby as she tries to figure out this whole sleep thing.

And those moms come RUNNIN’ to her, lemme tell ya.

So, now it’s your turn!

Action Step: 

Evaluate your existing message that is ABOVE THE FOLD (before you scroll) on your website home page. Is it repelling anyone? If not, take another crack at it.

I want to hear about your progress in the comments! Really, let’s make blog comments great again.

P.S. Did that action step give you a copy wakeup call? Well, good news! If you wanna take your copy from crickets to clients, just head to our best-selling copy resources below.

By the end of this process, you’ll have copy UP on your site that works for you. But, according to The Promptlate Shop students, you’ll also have…

“I’m not just booking more brides, I’m booking more of my brides. They want to work with me specifically, and that’s just the best feeling in the world!”
-Alexandra Kent Photography

“It’s about MORE than an About Page. It helped me get back to the basics of my business, and remember who I am + what I’m all about. I came out of it with a DONE About Page and a better foundation for my business.”
-Dr. Meghan Birt, Just Enjoy Health Podcast + BeautyCounter expert


  1. Allyson says:

    Quite the wake up call Jess! I’m just starting to revamp my website and realize I have A LONG road ahead!
    Thank you for insights and homework. I’ve truly began to look at my website from my client’s perspective…. it’s not pretty😣.
    I’ll get there.

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