How to Repurpose Content + Website Copy for a Consistent Message

April 15, 2020

Remember when you put ALL of that hard work into writing your website copy, got it up on your site, and then…

Months (okay, probably years) passed before you looked at it again, right? Maybe it wasn’t until a particularly inquisitive potential client said, “Hey, what the actual heck does this mean on your services page?” that you took a look and realized your packages are nowhere near what you actually sell. And that’s just the very beginning.

Believe it or not, I’m not here today to tell you to update your website copy.

BUT, I AM here to address that set-it-and-forget-it mentality and remind you that your copy is NOT a one-and-done kinda thing.

You should be reusing and repurposing the HECK out of those well-crafted words EVERYWHERE. Why? 

I’ll give you two reasons:

1 | It saves time.

It takes a lot of time and effort and clarity to write website copy. So, why are you still struggling week in and week out to reinvent the content wheel when you have a bank of ideas and actual WORDS to go along with them right on your dang website? If you’ve already said it, try to attack it from a different angle, tell another story about it, go deeper. Use it on a different platform (no, they won’t notice). Oh, and if you’ve already said it, SAY IT AGAIN. Which brings me to…

2 | It sells.

Studies have shown that humans need to see a message a total of 7 times before it starts to sink in. That means, not all people are rejecting your message when they don’t take action, they may just NOT GET IT YET. Also, in our world of anyone-who-has-a-phone-can-have-a-business, consistency and repetition—steadfastness—is going to earn SO MUCH MORE trust with your audience. If they know what you’re about, you give them something they can really get behind.

So, now that you know why, I’m going to tell you exactly HOW to repurpose content and website copy for a consistent message. Ready?

How to Repurpose Content and Copy

When it comes to repurposing content, there are really three options when it comes to the “how.”

1 | You can directly repurpose. Straight up copy/paste that sucker and put it somewhere else. When you’re doing this with long-form content (like repurposing a guest post into your own blog post), be sure to include “this post first appeared on [link back to original]” at the top, so Google knows you’re not copying content. Google knows everything.

2 | You can go deeper. Most of you tell me the thing you have the MOST trouble with when it comes to website copy is brevity. I KNOW you have a lot more to say about the words and ideas on your website. Choose one concept, one line, one idea, and go DEEPER. Find a different angle to explain it. Explain the why behind it. Go DEEP.

3 | You can tell a new story. Chances are, the core ideas that are true to our business have A LOT of story behind them. When was the first time you realized you were good at what you do? What was a failure that led you to your signature process? Or, you can tell stories of other people that relate to that idea (this is sometimes even stronger!).

Now, let’s talk through what specific pieces of your website copy you can use to repurpose content.

Headlines: Directly Repurpose

The point of the headlines on your website is to capture attention. Where else do you need to capture attention? Um, EVERYWHERE. Try repurposing your headlines into Instagram caption hooks, email broadcast opening lines (or subject lines!). Add them to your client welcome packet or lead magnets. You can even use them to start off by capturing attention in an Instagram story sequence.

Your Mission Statement: Directly Repurpose + Go Deeper + Tell a Story

The definition of a mission statement we abide by here at Jess, XO is “what you aim to accomplish, how you’ll do it, and how you’ll know it’s done.” That’s the kind of message that should be plastered EVERYWHERE throughout your consistent content presence. 

With this piece, you can take some time to go a little deeper, or tell a story of how it came about, where you’ve seen success with it, etc. Use this in—like I said—EVERYTHING. It would be especially great in an email marketing welcome sequence to help your people get used to what you do, how you do it, and WHY.

Testimonials: Go Deeper + Tell a Story

If you’re not sharing your testimonials FREQUENTLY because you feel like it’s “bragging” or “salesy,” let’s stop that right now. People want to see other people like them reaching success with you before they choose to commit to your offer, themselves. It’s easy to put testimonials on a website because it says “testimonials go here,” but you should have a spot in your planner each week that says, “testimonials go here,” too. Okay, maybe that’s a little cheesy, but it might help! 

You can also use other platforms, like email marketing or Instagram stories, to go deeper into the context of the testimonials. Where were they before? Where were they after? What did the process look like? What did they have to commit to? Be sure to back up your value claims with SPECIFIC, supporting testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions: Directly Repurpose

Chances are, if questions are asked frequently enough to be in your FAQs, someone in your audience has that question RIGHT NOW. Answering questions with grace and frequency establishes trust with your audience and positions you as the go-to in your industry. It also helps to push those people with unanswered questions into, “If she answers my questions BEFORE I ask her, I can only imagine how GOOD her products are!” Make a point to talk about + address an FAQ or two per week, and watch that trust RAISE TO THE ROOF. *me raising the roof*

About Page Excerpts: Directly Repurpose + Go Deeper + Tell a Story

Your well-crafted About Page is a treasure trove of stories and context for your audience, cold and warm visitors alike. Your email marketing welcome sequence is a great place to directly repurpose pieces of your about page. But, use PIECES. Don’t overwhelm your readers with every single ounce of your story. This also will ensure that each time they hear you tell your story, it feels fresh and different. 

About Page excerpts work for Instagram captions, Instagram stories, Client Welcome Packets, and even podcast interview bios! They’re also a great read to freshen up your memory on, wait who am I? before heading off to a networking event. (Can we just do away with those after this whole Coronavirus thing lifts?)

Your Company Values: Go Deeper + Tell a Story

By this point, you get the gist. If you show what you stand for, you give your audience something to stand behind. Include your company values—including stories behind each one—anywhere and everywhere you come into contact with clients or potential clients. So, everywhere? Yep, everywhere.

Fun Facts About You: Directly Repurpose + Go Deeper + Tell a Story

Most of us have a few fun, light facts about us on our about page, or that are integrated into our brand presence. For me, it’s iced coffee, my hubs, and my dog – Joey Tribbiani. I also have a little snippet on my About Page about getting ¾ of a masters degree. These little tidbits make great Friday Introductions Instagram posts to reintro yourself to your audience. 

They also are great fodder for 3 Truths and a Lie kinda posts, and peeks into personal stories you might go a little deeper on. I’m a big fan of starting my email broadcasts with a personal story I haven’t told before, so this might give you some ideas for where to start!

Your Signature Method: Directly Repurpose + Go Deeper

I see FAR too many business owners with a signature method who NEVER talk about it. Your method, your approach, your unique take on your expertise is the only thing that can TRULY set you apart and set you up as an expert at the same time. Take some time to go deep into each piece of your process. Teach one piece of the method on your Insta stories, remind your email list about the method and why it works, go deeper into how you discovered each piece. Repeat this OVER AND OVER AND OVER. FOR-EV-ER.

Contact Page: Directly Repurpose

Your contact page should include valuable information like how to get a hold of you, what to expect in terms of response time, office hours, etc. If it doesn’t, head over and grab my free Contact Page Mini-Promptlate below!

If it does, take that info and directly repurpose it in your email signature, so everyone you come into contact with is aware of your firm (and consistent) boundaries! Poof. Bam. Magic.

It’s time to repurpose content and copy and work SMARTER instead of harder on our consistent content presence. Which of these will you use first?


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