12 reasons your website copy can’t wait till next year

August 7, 2019


It seems like it happens earlier every year, but for me, there’s a switch that flips around October.

My gut starts to tell me, “Oh, that can wait till next year.”

Need a new workout routine? Best to wait till after the pie and mashed potato flood of the holidays.

Need to get your budget in order? New-Years-Resolution that crap! I can’t think about a budget right now, I’m too busy!

Want to work on your marriage, spend more time with your kids, learn to play the guitar again, go on more hikes? You have your whole life for that.

But isn’t your life happening right now?

What if there was a way to set yourself up for success in those things so you could enjoy the fruit of them, now?

Disclaimer: I’m not here to tell you that better website copy or nailing your brand message can fix your marriage, make you more fit, bring you closer to your kids.

But think about this:

How much more time and space could you invest in those things if you had a message that was working for you on autopilot, bringing in people you actually like working with, people who shout your name from the rooftops so that you’re never starved for clients or customers?

Yep, that’s right. Words can do that.

And, honestly, I didn’t want to spend an entire blog post telling you why I think your copy can’t wait till next year.

Instead, I turned to my industry friends (who are all way more successful than me!), and asked them to tell you why you should get your messaging ducks in a row, like YESTERDAY.

This blog post is a compilation of their messages to you. Plus, I throw in my two cents because nobody can drag me down.

Nobody, nobody*.

(*if you missed that One Direction reference, are we even friends?)

12 Reasons Why Your Copy Can’t Wait Till Next Year

  1. “Potential clients are looking at it NOW.” -Jessica Rasdall, The Public Speaking Strategist

    And, spoiler on #14, you might be embarrassed about your website copy to the point that you feel more confident sending a lengthy email than just sending someone to your strategically-crafted website. How much work is that adding to your plate? Your website should be like your hype team, without a doubt selling your potential clients that they need what you offer and only want it from you.

  2. “Your visitors are confused. Plus, you’re not giving your amazing work a chance to connect with your people.” -Kate, The Shop Files

    Donald Miller always says, “If you confuse you lose.” So, NEWSFLASH: If you’re not sure what you do, what value you provide, how to explain it, your people are confused, too. And ain’t nobody got time for asking and clarifying.

    It’s not arrogant to share your greatness with people. You’re doing them a disservice if they need what you offer and you’re not bragging on yourself or showing them why it’s the best option out there.

  3. “Money is walking away.” -Kate, The Shop Files

    You know what hurts the most about this? You NEVER KNOW when money is walking away. How many of you have millions of Pinterest viewers, plenty of click-throughs, but no conversions? That’s money walking away, and potential forever fans finding another team to cheer for.

  4. “You can’t design your website well without knowing what content will be on the pages. A thriving business happens when the right message meets the right person.” –Rachel Green, Intentionally Designed

    I absolutely love that a designer said this! And an amazing and strategic one, at that. Copy should dictate design. Why? Because your website design should be the vehicle that delivers all the value you have to offer. It’s really hard to do that if you’re trying to squeeze, squish, and fit your value into an already-existing format that has little to nothing to do with what you’re actually communicating or emphasizing. Also, when copy dictates design, it usually results in a much more original design, completely aligned with what you want to sell and how you want to serve.

  5. “Next year’s sales goal needs this year’s bookings.” –Emily Chappell, Emily Chappell Photography

    Coming from a wedding photographer, this piece of advice is GETTING REAL. My wedding industry peeps, how are next year’s bookings going? What about this year’s calendar? Did all of your clients feel like a total dream to work with? If the answer is “no,” it may be your message that needs some work.

    It’s easy to feel like a booked calendar is a booked calendar, regardless. But, taking some time to really define how you want to feel in your business might help you hone in on who you want to attract. In turn, this is going to help your business grow in the best way, the way that helps you feel more fulfilled, gives you more space, and increases your bottom line.

  6. “People need to understand what you do, where you do it, and why you do it, NOW!” –Cinnamon Wolfe

    This one is BIG, right? How confident are you in telling people these three things? Remember, confusion is the number one reason people don’t buy.

  7. “If you want your business to not only grow, but THRIVE, you need the RIGHT clients. Copy is what attracts those clients.” –Jessica Gingrich, Jessica Gingrich Creative

    Have you ever felt burnt out just because your clients or customers are exhausting? It’s okay to say it. It happens to the best of us. But, you guys, that life is NOT sustainable. We want to build businesses that not only grow, but THRIVE, just like Jessica said! Your message is the primary touchpoint that does the work to both attract and repel to make sure those dream people get in, and those not-so-dreamy people STAY OUUUTTTT.

  8. “Your images won’t sell themselves, and your business is too important to wait.” –Amanda, Carrylove Designs

    Amanda is comin’ in hot with the self-love and worth angle. Just imagine: What if your business has only scratched the surface? What if there’s a piece of your story that people resonate with? What if you can not only live your passion, but also support your family, be fulfilled, and help the crap out of your people. Isn’t that business important enough to communicate clearly about?

  9. Price is about “perceived value.” 

    Shanna Skidmore says this phrase constantly throughout her course, The Blueprint Model. What is the only way to truly communicate deep value? Words. Sure, your images and designs probably look great, but so are a lot of others! Your dream person needs you to explain why your amazing product is different than another amazing product out there.

  10. It’s weighing on you. It’s hurting your confidence. You’re embarrassed.

    Whether it’s just one of these things, or all of the above, IT IS HOLDING YOU BACK.

    “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” -George Lucas

    If your focus is…

    “I’m not enough, they need more information, they’re going to think it’s too expensive, this website sucks,” 
    guess what your reality will be? 
    Price shoppers. 
    People who don’t value you. 
    People who you should say “no” to, but you can’t because you’re afraid. 

    You know the fringe-benefit of communicating your value? It helps you actually believe it.

  11. Silence is a metric.

    And it’s a tricky one, at that. If all you’re hearing is silence, you can be sure of one thing: there’s a disconnect somewhere. Usually, that means people are either confused, or they don’t need what you’re offering (or what you think you’re offering). Take notice of the things that do connect. What do people respond to? What does that say about your audience? On your website, “response” is typically in the form of taking action. Are people downloading your freebie? Are they booking you? Are they contacting you? If not, we have some work to do.

  12. You are sitting on a gold mine. Spoiler: It’s YOU.

    Sorry to be cheesy, but I wanted to end on an encouraging note.
    I’m stepping on some toes in this blog post. I can feel it! BUT, I know you were made for MORE.

Above all, KNOW THIS: You have everything you need to stand out and serve your people like crazy. Sometimes all it takes is a little digging. Dig from where you stand, and dig into who your audience is. Once you put those two things together, you’ll be unstoppable.

Which of these stopped you in your tracks?

What’s holding you back from updating your copy NOW instead of just waiting till next month, next year, or maybe never?

Is it time?
Is it a lack of knowledge?
Are you stuck on where to start?
Or is it the actual words-putting-into-sentence-doing?


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I’m Jess,

iced-coffee-obsessed, saved-by-grace, allergic-to-small talk, and one of the biggest dreamers you’ll ever meet.







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