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No detail left behind

(don't worry about being SALESY, this is the best way to SERVE your people, okay?)


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Everything you need to write a magnet-like sales page so you can get the right people taking action on your offer… FAST.


The Sales Page Promptlate

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We know that writing a sales page is about more than just getting your bullet points on lock and your pricing in the right spot. Your sales page’s job is to capture the right people and keep them on the page until they feel compelled to hit “buy RIGHT FREAKING now.”

  • Crafting your Offer Stand Out Statement
  • Market Research 101
  • The 3 C’s of a Strategic Sales Page
  • Do I Need a Guarantee?

...and 11 more!

  • 53 Prompts
  • 4 Templates for Strategic Sales Copy
  • 15+ Video Lessons
  • Services Page Promptlate

What’s included:


not to mention

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How to Turn your Sales Page Copy into Emails that Sell

Landing Page Mini-Promptlate

Headline Formula Library Swipe File

Sentence Starters

Tripwire Mini- Promptlate

(a kinda crazy amount of them)

Plus Bonuses!!


phase two


This phase will help you nail down all the details for the most important piece: your actual offer. You’ll learn what “offer” really means, and how to make sure you’re tailoring each component to what your audience wants and needs most.


You’ll walk away from this phase knowing the “why” behind every piece of a strategic sales page so you can not only execute this sales page with accuracy, but you’ll also feel more equipped to sell on any and every platform, maximizing your message to the most people.

phase three


This phase consists of a magical piece of The Promptlates™️: THE PROMPTS. You’ll have access to 53 prompts designed to help you get the RIGHT ideas out of your head and onto paper so you don’t need to go fishing when it’s time to write.

phase four


phase five


This phase is where we put it all together into sales page copy that actually does it’s job. You’ll get expert guidance as you choose your template and implement your ideas into actual sales copy that’ll have you thinking, “Wait… did I ACTUALLY write that?” Yes, yes you for-dang-sure did.

Finally, we don’t really do things HALFWAY around here, so we decided to add a phase to help you UPLEVEL. This BONUS phase includes resources like: Sentence starters and headline swipe files. We’ve even got EXTRA-extra-style bonuses like The Tripwire Mini-Promptlate, Landing Page Mini-Promptlate, and a tutorial on how to turn your sales page copy into an email sequence that sells.

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What you'll learn:

'OMG, the clarity!'


OMG. The clarity I have on my messaging, what I do, and who I truly do it for is AMAZING. I would have been so stumped without The Promptlates as a starting point, but they turned out to be so much more than that!

MadRad Media, Marketing + Media Coach

'Exactly what I needed'


I felt guided by [Jess] even though we weren’t working together one-on-one, and this tool was exactly what I needed as I redid my website.

Ivy and Linen Design

'Helped me create copy that I’m confident in'


I really struggle with writing, but the Promptlates made the copywriting process less daunting and helped me create copy that I’m confident in and, most importantly, sounds like me! For the amount of clarity and confidence you gain, these are truly worth every penny and much more!

Becca Koebrick Design

'3 inquiries in 30 minutes?!'


If it wasn’t for The Promptlates, I’d still be mindlessly scrolling through other websites in my industry trying to figure out how to write my copy. Now I have website copy that STANDS OUT so much that I booked 3 dream inquiries in 30 minutes after I hit LAUNCH!

Motes Design, Website Designer + Pinterest Manager

'From Amateurish to Genuine + Value-Packed'


I wanted to be genuine with my words, but I always got stuck on what parts of myself to bring to the table. Ever wish that almost-effortless copy on other sites could be yours? I did, too. And you can actually DO THAT with The Promptlates. Plus, it came out of YOUR brain. It’s so empowering!

The Unbusy Life, Life Coach for Busy Moms

'I just looked at your website and it really spoke to me.'

Hailee, Spring

I just purchased the Promptlate website bundle last night around 7pm...[and] I stayed up until 3AM redoing the copy on every page of my website, following your guide. Today I got an email from a potential client that said 'I just looked at your website and it really spoke to me. I'd love to set up a call.'

Bloom Marketing

'This numbers gal WROTE ALL THAT'


The Promptlates tricked me (a 100% numbers-only gal) into writing words that actually work for my business! Words have never been my thing, but now I’m so confident that my website speaks to exactly who I want to serve.

Silver Leaf Office, Bookkeeper for Creatives

'Basically a dream come true'


I feel so confident! I know the copy I wrote with The Promptlates is attracting my ideal clients, and I constantly get inquiries and make connections with couples who reference my website and specific points from my copy. It’s basically a dream come true.

Heather Dodge Photography + Design


Here's what our customers are saying:

I’m writing my website copy from scratch. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! This was designed to help you build your message from the ground up. If you're working with a website template or designer, We suggest starting with the copy FIRST and letting that run the show as you design!


I’m ready to give my old website copy a makeover. Will this work for me?

Yes, girlfriend. YAS. We suggest starting the Promptlates® without looking at your current words, though. Some things will overlap, but trust the process and know that it will steer you toward the true value you provide for your audience, which may or may not be represented in your current website copy.

Will this work for (insert industry here)?

Short Answer: YES. Long answer: If you are a business owner who is providing unique value to your audience, The Promptlates® will help you put that into words for the core pages of your website. Check out just a few of the types of pros we’ve served on the shop page!

Do you offer advice or coaching to go with The Promptlates?

There is loads of value and advice inside The Promptlates®—including bonus video mini-lessons unique to each page or mode of writing. But, I GET IT. It is tough to get past the Second-Guessing Standstill, which is why I created Connection-Led Conversions™, a membership-style copy support system! Just head here to get the support you need!

What if I’m not creative? What if I’m not a writer?

This resource is specifically designed for the word-allergic. The prompts help you to get your ideas from your head out onto paper, and the choice of templates will make sure you lay those ideas out in a way that moves your reader to take action (and binge-read it all in the process). We've helped over 4,000 business owners (who did NOT sign up to be writers) write copy that sounds like THEM and speaks to the right people. You can do this! (And we're here to support you when you get stuck!)

How long does the process take?

We’ve had students complete The Promptlates® in a variety of time frames, from 4 weeks or multiple months to PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER and getting a DREAM inquiry the very next day from their new copy. You can go at your own pace, but the style of The Promptlates® makes certain that you won’t lose your place or forget everything you thought of the day (or week) before. Inside the Promptlates®, we have a 4 week timeline to help you finish in just 30 minutes a day. And not to perpetuate the annoying former-teacher stereotype, but it takes as long as you let it! Okay, KIDDING. Kinda.

Are there any more Promptlates coming to the shop?

Shhh, it’s a secret—but, YES! We are planning to add more Promptlates® soon to make sure all your business copy needs are covered. Have a request? Reach out to and let us know! We’re all about giving the people what they want, if at all humanly possible.

We totally understand that copy is often the primary hold up in a website design project. We love to partner with designers to make sure your clients craft viable copy that connects and converts, so you can reach out to us if you’d like to become an affiliate of the shop or if you’d like to bake The Promptlates® into every client’s process! Email to get more info on what a partnership looks like.

I’m a designer, and I NEED this for my clients. How can I make that happen?

Short answer, NO! We've got business owners at all different copy stages receiving support inside of the membership. Plus, that's precisely what it was designed to do! I'll teach you the framework to help you get the most out of your message at every business stage — even the "not finished yet" one!

do I need to finish The Promptlates before I can join Connection-led conversions?

Frequently Asked Questions

But, who’s that
iced-coffee-copywriter girl? 

I’m the CEO and chief copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) over here, and I’m SO GLAD you made your way to The Promptlate Shop.

I help creative biz owners (+ coaches & thought leaders) turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get." I take a connection approach to conversion copy, because I know that’s the true long game in business.

I’m a former high school teacher, so you can expect questions from me more often than straight answers. BUT, my questions will lead you to reaching your potential and being able to own it when you get there.

I’ve worked with everyone from stinkin’ awesome solopreneurs to organizations like The Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook to up their word game.

Oh, and I KNOW you were made for this.

I can’t wait to help you trade measuring up for owning your story.
I’ll bring iced coffee, it’ll be great.

it's jess!


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  • Crafting your Offer Stand Out Statement
  • Market Research 101
  • The 3 C’s of a Strategic Sales Page
  • Do I Need a Guarantee?

...and 11 more!

  • 53 Prompts
  • 4 Templates for Strategic Sales Copy
  • 15+ Video Lessons
  • Services Page Promptlate

What’s included:

not to mention

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