The Website Promptlate Bundle

The Do It Yourself Process for Website Words

Not Your Mom’s Website Copy Templates

That sound like you and speak straight to them.

(Ya know those dream clients everyone’s gabbin’ about? Yeah, that’s them.)


The first solution of it’s kind to help you take #ALLTHEIDEAS in your pretty little head, and turn ‘em into value-driven website copy that connects, converts, and doesn’t sound like literally everyone else out there.

Imagine: 50% Prompts + 50% Templates to get you 100% more connection and more clients with your copy.

Wanna go from total crickets to connecting + converting like crazy with YOUR copy?

The Website Promptlate Bundle


Uh, dude—what the
heck is a Promptlate?

  • Uncover your brand voice workbook
  • Swipeable headline formula library
  • Swipeable CTA library
  • Footer navigation 101
  • Contact Page Mini Promptlate
  • Google doc formatting template
  • Recycle and repurpose cheat sheet
  • Insta Bio Mini Promptlate

  • Home Page Promptlate ($197)
  • About Page Promptlate ($197)
  • Services Page Promptlate ($197)

What’s included:

The Website PrompTlate Bundle


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The Website Bundle

Now you need copy, BUT…
😱 You don’t know how to talk about yourself
🙋 You don’t want to sound like everyone else
💰 You can’t afford a copywriter (or can’t wait for one)

Stop staring at a blank screen and start writing website copy that you’re confident in with The Promptlate Shop Website Bundle.

Finally! An EASY option to write your home page, about page, and services page so it’ll connect and convert consistently—and so it can STOP HOLDING UP your launch and your business, already.

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We’ll walk you through the process of nailing down the ideas your most ideal people need to see in order to say “yes” to diving deep into (ahem, BINGE READING) your website. The first step of the buying process is getting them not to bail on you.

Let’s make sure your home page copy makes that happen!

Home Page Promptlate

what's inside the bundle


We’ll teach you how to tell your story in a way that helps your audience see themselves on the page, painting you as their PERFECT fit along the way. Uncover the story that will have you connecting and converting more consistently than you thought possible.

Gone are the days when encyclopedia pages work to establish you as the expert.

ABOUT Page Promptlate


We’ll help you pinpoint the very message your most ideal person needs to hear from you in order to go from skeptical price shopper to saying, “You’re the only one I want to work with/buy from. Take my money, please?”

Let’s take your services page from bulleted list to its very own sales machine.

SERVICES Page Promptlate

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($600 VALUE)


Plus Bonuses!!

(a kinda crazy amount of them)

Strengthen your copywriting skillz: 

Create consistency with your message:

Finish out your website copy:

BONUS: Uncover Your Brand Voice Workbook

So you can sound more like you and less like them (or a robot, let's be honest)


So you can make your new website copy easy-peasy for your designer (or YOU!) to implement IRL on your website


So you can take your website copy and turn it into killer content across all platforms


So you never have to reinvent the wheel to capture attention again


So you can nail that last touchpoint before your visitor takes the leap to reach out to you


So you can write a bio that turns browsers into brand believers, FAST


So you know what to put on those little button thingies


So you know what the heck to put at the bottom of your site

Why choose the Promptlate Shop for your WEBSITE COPY?

• It’s DIY copywriting made easy that looks more like, “Can I hire whoever she did to write like that?”

• Open-ended prompts + template choice = NO TWO STUDENTS ever end up with the same copy. 

• For any biz that needs help honing in on their audience and putting their crazy value into words.

• End up with website copy on the page. Find a foundation for your core message along the way.

Okay, but does it actually work?

'i recommend them to all my website clients'


“The Promptlates® went even deeper than just helping me with my website words. They gave me direction, helped me solidify my core WHY message so that any time I’m creating content, I know what to say. I recommend them to all my website clients!”

Brand Designer


“I had TWO people this week land on my website and loved how I spoke directly to them. That’s the new norm for me! Thanks, ONCE AGAIN, Promptlates®! You’re making sales for me.”

Brand + Web Designer

'Promptlates  make sales FOR me'


'I’m SOOO clear on who I serve!'


“The Promptlates® helped me greatly not only to write my copy, but also get sooo clear on what I do and who I serve. I’ve done a ton of ideal client exercises, but none were as effective as the clarity I got from The Promptlates®.”


So dang confused → more excited about biz than EVER

Laura Lee

“I was so dang confused about my message. But after getting Jess’s Promptlates® and actually using them, I can confidently say I’ve never been more excited about my business — EVER. I’ve already booked multiple clients from preview pages with my new copy. Plain and simple? Promptlates® WORK.”

Systems Expert + Photographer


Here's what our customers are saying:

I’m writing my website copy from scratch. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! This was designed to help you build your message from the ground up. If you're working with a website template or designer, We suggest starting with the copy FIRST and letting that run the show as you design!


I’m ready to give my old website copy a makeover. Will this work for me?

Yes, girlfriend. YAS. We suggest starting the Promptlates® without looking at your current words, though. Some things will overlap, but trust the process and know that it will steer you toward the true value you provide for your audience, which may or may not be represented in your current website copy.

Will this work for (insert industry here)?

Short Answer: YES. Long answer: If you are a business owner who is providing unique value to your audience, The Promptlates® will help you put that into words for the core pages of your website. Check out just a few of the types of pros we’ve served on the shop page!

Do you offer advice or coaching to go with The Promptlates?

There is loads of value and advice inside The Promptlates®—including bonus video mini-lessons unique to each page or mode of writing. But, I GET IT. It is tough to get past the Second-Guessing Standstill, which is why we have a place where you can submit your specific questions for a small fee within the Promptlate® course portal.

What if I’m not creative? What if I’m not a writer?

This resource is specifically designed for the word-allergic. The prompts help you to get your ideas from your head out onto paper, and the choice of templates will make sure you lay those ideas out in a way that moves your reader to take action (and binge-read it all in the process). We've helped over 4,000 business owners (who did NOT sign up to be writers) write copy that sounds like THEM and speaks to the right people. You can do this! (And we're here to support you when you get stuck!)

How long does the process take?

We’ve had students complete The Promptlates® in a variety of time frames, from 4 weeks or multiple months to PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER and getting a DREAM inquiry the very next day from their new copy. You can go at your own pace, but the style of The Promptlates® makes certain that you won’t lose your place or forget everything you thought of the day (or week) before. Inside the Promptlates®, we have a 4 week timeline to help you finish in just 30 minutes a day. And not to perpetuate the annoying former-teacher stereotype, but it takes as long as you let it! Okay, KIDDING. Kinda.

Are there any more Promptlates coming to the shop?

Shhh, it’s a secret—but, YES! We are planning to add more Promptlates® soon to make sure all your business copy needs are covered. Have a request? Reach out to and let us know! We’re all about giving the people what they want, if at all humanly possible.

We totally understand that copy is often the primary hold up in a website design project. We love to partner with designers to make sure your clients craft viable copy that connects and converts, so you can reach out to us if you’d like to become an affiliate of the shop or if you’d like to bake The Promptlates® into every client’s process! Email to get more info on what a partnership looks like.

I’m a designer, and I NEED this for my clients. How can I make that happen?

Frequently Asked Questions

But, who’s that
iced-coffee-copywriter girl? 

I’m the CEO and chief copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) over here, and I’m SO GLAD you made your way to The Promptlate® Shop.

I help creative biz owners (+ coaches & thought leaders) turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get." I take a connection approach to conversion copy, because I know that’s the true long game in business.

I’m a former high school teacher, so you can expect questions from me more often than straight answers. BUT, my questions will lead you to reaching your potential and being able to own it when you get there.

I’ve worked with over 200 copy clients since 2018. Everyone from stinkin’ awesome solopreneurs to organizations like The Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook to up their word game.

I’ve had the privilege of helping 7,500+ business owners with The Promptlates®, and I’ve built my own online business to multiple six-figures in just 9 months after starting. Now I get to teach other copywriters to do the same alongside being the words gal for many other businesses.

Oh, and I KNOW you were made for this.

I can’t wait to help you trade measuring up for owning your story so you can finally feel wealthy inside of the business you created while you were dreaming of MORE.

I’ll bring iced coffee, it’ll be great.

it's jess!

Website Promptlate Bundle

only $497

  • Uncover your brand voice workbook
  • Swipeable headline formula library
  • Swipeable CTA library
  • Footer navigation 101
  • Contact Page Mini Promptlate
  • Google doc formatting template
  • Recycle and repurpose cheat sheet
  • Insta Bio Mini Promptlate

  • Home Page Promptlate
  • About Page Promptlate
  • Services Page Promptlate

What’s included:


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