YES, even your social media bio and your contact page.

From FIRST impression to LASTING connection, EVERY WORD has the power to inspire action.

Are your WORDS showing up to work for your business?

Get access to the Instagram Bio + Contact Page Mini-Promptlates  to write words that sound like you and speak to the right people wherever they are in your customer journey.



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Meet the Instagram Bio Promptlate®:

WANT TO Nail the First Impression?

  • The key to getting LOOKIE-LOUS to stick around
  • Prompts to get the right ideas out of your head and onto paper
  • A template to get the right words in your bio so they can do their job

It’ll come together in a way that gets the right people to stick around, and also to train them that you have so much more to offer than what’s on this little app.

The bio is growing ground for the belief that the good stuff is on your website - like free resources, client stories, longer-form content, signing up to work with you, and more.

It’s time to craft a bio that’s simple enough to get the most important point across - who you are and the value you provide - but attractive enough to start the know, like, trust train, PRONTO.

Meet the Contact Page Mini-Promptlate®

ready to Cultivate Lasting Connection?

Inside you'll uncover:

  • Why this “afterthought” page could be a hidden conversion catalyst
  • Prompts to get the right ideas out of your head and onto paper
  • A template to get the right words on the page so they can do their job

It’ll all come together in a way that encourages your readers to reach out to you, reassures them that you will respond, and sets expectations (which is essential in building any relationship).

The contact page is the beginning of how you get paid, how you can be reached for really cool opportunities, and so much more.

If you play it right, you can have only the right people popping up in your inbox and you’ll know exactly how to respond — so you can serve them well and get the heck out of your inbox.

gimme that mini-Promptlate®

So, are you ready to stop letting this whole “words thing” keep you from the business of your dreams?

Experience our proprietary Promptlate® process in mini-form, designed to help you write words that actually WORK for your business instead of filling in blanks that keep you sounding like everyone else out there.

You’ll walk away with ACTUAL COPY to add to your site, and a new outlook on how you can turn your passion into words the right people ACTUALLY get, and connect + convert on your way to your kinda success. (You know it… the type of success where you’re getting the clients, making the money, and doing the work you’re meant to do in the world!)

Promptlates® have helped 8,000+ students and clients since 2018, so you can feel certain knowing that this method is tried and tested. And it GETS RESULTS — even if you’re allergic to writing.

When you’re ready, here’s what you’ll do:
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  3. Write words that FINALLY work for your biz
    (and pull a message out you didn’t even know you had)

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'i recommend them to all my website clients'


“The Promptlates® went even deeper than just helping me with my website words. They gave me direction, helped me solidify my core WHY message so that any time I’m creating content, I know what to say. I recommend them to all my website clients!”

Brand Designer


“I had TWO people this week land on my website and loved how I spoke directly to them. That’s the new norm for me! Thanks, ONCE AGAIN, Promptlates®! You’re making sales for me.”

Brand + Web Designer

'Promptlates  make sales FOR me'


'I’m SOOO clear on who I serve!'


“The Promptlates® helped me greatly not only to write my copy, but also get sooo clear on what I do and who I serve. I’ve done a ton of ideal client exercises, but none were as effective as the clarity I got from The Promptlates®.”


So dang confused → more excited about biz than EVER

Laura Lee

“I was so dang confused about my message. But after getting Jess’s Promptlates® and actually using them, I can confidently say I’ve never been more excited about my business — EVER. I’ve already booked multiple clients from preview pages with my new copy. Plain and simple? Promptlates® WORK.”

Systems Expert + Photographer


Here's what our customers are saying:

Whether you know much about me or not, the important thing is that I’ve been where you are. I’ve delivered a message oozing with passion, only for it to feel like my mic was turned off. I’ve second-guessed the value of my own story, thinking it wasn’t cool enough to make any sorta splash. But through all of that failure + refinement, I’ve leaned into the art of mastering a message that makes moves for both myself and other amazing women in business. 

With results under my belt for my own business like:

… I’m here to give you the EXACT tools that achieved these results for people who claim that writing was “totally not their thing,” either.

Making 6 figures from an "upsell" offer
(a.k.a. CASUAL, EXTRA 6 figs on top of the core offer sales? NBD.)

Getting 3 dream inquiries in just 30 minutes after a launch

Doubling passive revenue of a membership in just 3 weeks

6 figures of revenue attributed to a new sales page

Hitting the "six-figure" mark during my first full year in business (+ doubling revenue each year after that)

Sending out two emails for said-brand-new-product and raking in $4,000

Creating a brand new product on the market

Staying solidly booked for 6 months in advance for 3 years

Booking out my business in one week after “launching” to 458 followers with no website

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And results we get to celebrate from amazing clients + students alike (4,500+ of them, to be exact):

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