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Are you getting a “total crickets” response instead of the consistent connection and conversion you really want? It might be time for a copy makeover.

Gone are the days when you can lean on your in-person meetups and coffee shop conversations to compensate for your less-than-stellar website words. In a post-2020 world, every business needs to be able to bring their in-person value to life on a website page. Only words that sound like you and speak directly to the right people can do that.

Is your website copy still holding you back?

It’s about time to ditch the cookie-cutter website words that aren’t doing their job.

So are they doing it?
The good news is, you don’t have to be a total writing genius to craft copy that connects consistently and converts like crazy.

You can join 4,000+ non-writing-genius business owners just like you inside The Promptlate Shop.

Your website words have a job to do.

Here's the truth:


The Website Bundle Promptlates

Lemme re-introduce you to

The first solution of it’s kind to help you take #ALLTHEIDEAS in your head, and turn ‘em into value-driven website copy that connects, converts, and doesn’t sound like literally everyone else out there.

I’ll walk you through my proven process to write your own personality-infused, action-inducing copy that’ll have everyone asking, “Did you hire a pro copywriter to do that?”

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I’ve booked multiple couples who reference specific points in my copy

Heather Dodge

The Promptlates are SO worth it. I’ve booked multiple couples who reference specific points in my copy as the reason they wanted to work with me, and no one else.

Wedding Photographer & Designer

three inquiries in my inbox that have SIGNED CONTRACTS already.

Meredith Brooke

I did a very soft launch of my new website copy created from The Promptlates on Friday and I ended up with three inquiries in my inbox that have SIGNED CONTRACTS already. One gal even quoted something directly from my copy when she inquired!

Wedding Photographer 

just ask them!

THREE dream inquiries within the first 30 MINUTES

Sara Motes

I used the Website Bundle Promptlates for my website copy, and it helped me gain SO much clarity. I got THREE dream inquiries within the first 30 MINUTES of launching my site! And they just keep on comin’.

Website Designer & Pinterest Strategist

You see, I have this thing against “templates,” and I know you might, too.

They promise you the world…

What’s a Promptlate?

It’ll be so easy!
All you have to do is plug and play!
Finish your (blank) in (super short amount of time) minutes/hours!

… but then they leave you with those same questions you had before.

What makes my business unique? 
How can I really stand out in this online business world? 
How can I whisper directly to THE RIGHT people over and over again in a way that makes them take action?

And, the reality is, those outcomes can only happen when you break out of the world of one-size-fits-all templates.

So, instead, I created The Promptlates as a DIY solution for your website copy.

50% Prompts + 50% Templates = 100% copy that sounds like you and speaks to them.

how do I actually UNCOVER the ideas that resonate with the people I want to serve?

I know it’s not just the structure or the format that you’re struggling with, but instead you’re thinking… 

we've gotcha covered

these are so simple and helpful!


I just want to say again how much I LOVE these Promptlates! As someone who never enjoyed writing or thought I was any good at it, these are so simple and helpful!”

Business Coach

Prompts + Templates = Promptlates

Each Promptlate?

What's inside

To get the right ideas out of your head and onto paper

Choose between a library of templates that will work for your business, so you know what to put on the page and where to put it

Video Mini-Lessons: 
These will teach you the “how” and “why” on topics relevant to writing copy for each page on your website


the details

What exactly do I get inside The Website Bundle?

Prompts, Templates, and Video Mini-Lessons for…

Home Page ($179 value)
About Page ($179 value)
Services Page ($179 value)

Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:

Brand Voice Guide ($19 value)
CTA Cheat Sheet ($9 value)
Footer Copy Cheat Sheet ($9 value)
Contact Page Mini Promptlate ($29 value)
Instagram Bio Mini Promptlate ($29 value)
Copywriting Formula Library ($29 value)

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Exclusive 4-week
Copy Workshop

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With your Black Friday purchase, you’ll also gain access to our super-exclusive Facebook workshop and accountability group.

Because, we know you know: PUBLISHED is better than perfect.

So, we want to give you all the support you’ll need to craft crazy-effective copy, AND actually get it published on your website, PRONTO.

Inside this exclusive (highly-requested) Facebook group, you’ll get support from Jess, her team, and a community of business owners like you to make sure your message is mega-magnetic and ready to connect and convert on auto.

It’s free group copy coaching (with lots of GIFs and talk about our go-to coffee orders).

What You’ll Get Inside the Group:

(4) Weekly Q&A workshops with Jess
Check-ins for accountability and support with an expert, plus specific feedback on YOUR COPY!
A community of business owners who are going through the same process as you!

This group will take place for 4 weeks starting in January of 2021. You won’t have to worry about carving out too much time over the holidays. Plus, you’ll be able to get the most out of the workshop after working through your Promptlate process beforehand.

If you roll up your sleeves and do the work with us, you’ll have your copy written and ready to be published in just 4 weeks.

(Can I get an *iced coffee clink* to no more business resources collecting dust on our virtual shelves in 2021?)

Let’s hit the ground running with our businesses together in the new year!

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I’m writing my website copy from scratch. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! This was designed to help you build your message from the ground up.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to give my old website copy a makeover. Will this work for me?

Yes, girlfriend. YAS. We suggest starting the promptlates without looking at your current words, though. Some things will overlap, but trust the process and know that it will steer you toward the true value you provide for your audience, which may or may not be represented in your current website copy.

Will this work for (insert industry here)?

Short Answer: YES. Long answer: If you are a business owner who is providing unique value to your audience, The Promptlates will help you put that into words for your website. Check out just a few of the types of pros we’ve served.

Do you offer advice or coaching to go with The Promptlates?

There is loads of value and advice inside The Promptlates—including bonus video mini-lessons unique to each page or mode of writing. If you’re looking for a way to get a pro’s eyes on your finished copy, we offer website copy audits exclusively for Promptlate Shop students. You can snag one here

What if I’m not creative? What if I’m not a writer?

This resource is specifically designed for the word-allergic. The prompts help you to get your ideas from your head out onto paper, and the choice of templates will make sure you lay those ideas out in a way that moves your reader to take action (and binge-read it all in the process). 

How long does the process take?

We’ve had students complete The Website Bundle in a variety of time frames, from 4 weeks or multiple months to PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER and getting a DREAM inquiry the very next day from their new copy. You can go at your own pace, but the style of The Promptlates makes certain that you won’t lose your place or forget everything you thought of the day (or week) before. Inside the Promptlates, we have a 4 week timeline to help you finish in just 30 minutes a day.

Are there any more Promptlates coming to the shop?

Shhh, it’s a secret—but, YES! We are planning to add more Promptlates soon to make sure all your business copy needs are covered. Have a request? Reach out to and let us know! We’re all about giving the people what they want, if at all humanly possible.

I’m a designer, and I NEED this for my clients. How can I make that happen?

We totally understand that copy is often the primary hold up in a website design project. We love to partner with designers to make sure your clients craft viable copy that connects and converts, so you can reach out to us if you’d like to become an affiliate of the shop or if you’d like to bake The Promptlates into every client’s process! Email to get more info on what a partnership looks like.

If this is an early Black Friday Deal, will there be a Black Friday Deal, too?

Nope! Like we said, we’re fans of getting ahead of the game, and we know you are, too. We wanted to get this deal in your hands well before Thanksgiving week so you can spend the actual Holidays focused on basically anything but your business (and we’ll be doing the same)! This will be our last sale of 2020, and this discount code will expire on 11/23 at midnight EST.